2011 Tasmanian EP On-Road Championships

The Tasmanian Championships for EP (electric) On-Road cars will take place in Hobart, March 11-13, 2011. Here’s a little action from a previous year’s event to wet your appetite:

There are six classes running over the weekend, four for touring cars, plus mini, and Formula One.

I would encourage Launceston R/C members to consider travelling down to the event to race, or at least to visit to watch some of Australia’s best EP on-road drivers competing.  The track at Goodwood in Hobart is excellent, and racing will be first class. Sam Wells, Rocket and Scott Guyatt will be competing…how about adding your name to the list?

Click through for more details on the event, including a basic run-down of the six classes.

The F1 class will run as a demo at this event. F1 cars will run a maximum of 17.5 turn spec brushless motors, and spec (zero timing) ESC’s.

Mini’s will run according to the rules developed by VORTEC (the Victorian Electric R/C organisation – of which STMCC is a member). That means they’ll be running Hobbywing EZ-Run 13t/3000kv motor/esc combos, or Mabuchi 540 or Tamiya Sports Tuned motors.

Touring Car classes all follow normal TC construction rules, and will run at a minimum weight of 1350grams.  Competitors can only use two sets of tyres for the event (which will be marked by organisers before the commencement of qualifying.

The 540 class (called “Pro Tourer” by STMCC) run standard Johnson 540 motors or a 21.5 turn brushless motor (from a short approved list) and an ESC capable of running at zero timing/boost (more later). This is effectively the entry level class.

The 21.5 turn class is for brushless motors of 21.5 turns.  Most importantly, the class also allows open ESC’s – including those from companies such as Castle, Tekin, Hobbywing, Novak that have “turbo” or “boost” modes (Castle call it CHEAT).  These motors, with these ESC’s will be quite quick.

The 13.5 turn class (used to be called “Super Stock”) are faster again, running down to 13.5 turn motors, once again with open ESC’s.  These cars will be turning lap times only just slower than the Open class cars, with the ESC’s able to produce impressive horsepower from these brushless motors.

The Open class is for the big horsepower brushless motors.  Typically competitors will be running 4.0 to 5.5 turn motors, producing astonishing horsepower. Open also tends to be populated by the more experienced drivers.  The Open class hasn’t run the last few years owing to not receiving enough entries, but hopes are high there will be enough entries for it in 2011.

The event format is for practice Friday (option), four qualifying heats Saturday, and then one more qualifier before finals on Sunday (three A finals, best two to count).  Qualifying will be based on a best 3/5 basis.

The track is fantastic. It’s super fun to drive, produces nice traction, and allows for some excellent racing.

I’d encourage you, if you have a suitable car, to consider racing in the event. I’ll be happy to talk more about which class might suit you, and what equipment you might need to be sure you will be legal (and competitive) for your chosen class. And I can help you choose tyres.

The club run each second Sunday, so if you’re able, cruise down the highway for some pre-event practice.

C’mon down, it’ll be a great weekend of R/C action.


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3 Responses to 2011 Tasmanian EP On-Road Championships

  1. David Guyatt says:

    I’ll be there – it was a great event last year and I’m coming back for sure.

    Will also be at the Thursday night meeting that week as well

  2. Greenie says:

    so, camping is alowed at the track??

  3. Greenie says:

    Wicked 3 days racing. had a ball.
    Thanks to Scotty G for the car and Sam for the running gear and all the help during the event from you two. had a great time. wouldn’t of happened with out your help.

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