Tas 8th Champs – EP Rules Relaxed

Quick update, NWRCCC have announced today that they’re relaxing the rules that will apply to the 8th EP buggy class, now allowing non-approved and soft-cased LiPo batteries to be used. Batteries must be charged in LiPo charge bags.

So…..if you’re at all interested, but weren’t entering because of batteries, now’s your chance. Hit up the club’s website, follow the links and lodge and entry. It’ll be a great weekend.

If time is an issue, I’m sure you could skip thursday (which will be mostly practice), and just run Friday/Saturday/Sunday.  You could at a pinch probably just run Saturday/Sunday if you would enable you to race.

So….how about it?  Let’s get a full lineup of 8th EP buggies on track! Launceston R/C for the win!


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6 Responses to Tas 8th Champs – EP Rules Relaxed

  1. Dave says:

    That is great news, especially for those who had their hearts set on racing but looked like a no show because of numbers.
    Just wondering, does that include a concession for 5-Cells as well?
    Starting to sound tempting from my seat.


    • scottg says:

      hey dave,

      not sure how closely they’ll be monitoring or checking 4s or 5s. I’d be tempted to say “just run”, or give kelvin a quick call to clarify.

      Be good to have you in the class if you’re able to make it work.


  2. Greenie says:

    got batts and radio…. hummmm, need a car!! pitty my MT2 SC truck doesn’t fit the rulings!!!!!

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