Aussie 14 year old tearing it up at the Worlds

Brisbane 14 year old Kyle McBride is tearing it up on the world stage.

The 8th GP Buggy World Championships are on right now in Thailand, with round two of qualifying under way. It’s arguably the most anticipated R/C World Champs ever, and a massive event.

After running 6th in the last timed practice, a nervous start in qualifying saw McBride run around 40th fastest.

With most of the fast heats done in Round 2 (of 6), McBride sits 5th fastest.

Yes, 5th. In the 8th Buggy Worlds. And he’s 14.

it’s early days, and qualifying has a long way to go – but it’s a massive achievement and a promising start for Kyle and his dad Scott.

Live timing and results are at Slyfox and LiveRC, with full event coverage at RedRC and NeoBuggy.


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2 Responses to Aussie 14 year old tearing it up at the Worlds

  1. Paddy says:

    Unbelievable! Imagine what he’ll do in 5 or so years! Good luck to him and the whole Aussie team!!!!! :mrgreen:

  2. Bart says:

    did a awesome job to finish 4th overall.
    he was good to watch at the truggy nats. just wish i had even half his talent

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