Racing Thursday Oct 28….stories here!

Our slack webmaster is working out of town this week, so no full race report.  We’ll upload the results as soon as we can, but in the meantime….click through to the comments and tell your racing story from tonight…including how you found the 10 minute finals.



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35 Responses to Racing Thursday Oct 28….stories here!

  1. Paddy says:

    10 minute finals = Great times!!! Tonight we only had a couple 10th scales enter, so we decided to drop them, which meant we had time for our usual 3 x 5min qualifiers, and our 10 minute main!! All in all I think everyone was happy with it, and I didn’t see 1 car go flat early either… Great night!

  2. Peter Hutton says:

    hmmm 3 laps practice+ 10min final = flat battery as went over the line…lol
    me thinks need slightly bigger capacity battery for tourer.
    Thx to Rocket for test driving the new pro truck and his advice on it for me.

    Well done guys as usual..nother good night…not a big fan of the 10min final..but i am a racer and go with the flow.
    C’mon people with tourers we need the numbers up to make more fun.
    Hopefuly all my new projects will be on track soon


    • Ben says:

      I also had a close call with the hyper going into lipo cut off thankfully right in front of the Finish line… Would not have got another lap out of it lol
      Was good for something different especially with a small field of cars. But with 1/10 and 30-40 cars as usual I think 4 by 5 min races works well.

  3. thephoenix76 says:

    I thougth the 10 minute final was great, but I think that having the 3 qualifiers stretches peoples battery supply too far. I managed fine on teh final with one 5000mah lipo, and 2 qualifiers on my other one, but I borrowed one to make sure I could finish the 3rd final as well. So all in all a great night!

    Well basically a good night, I was a little disappointed with some of the attitudes and language emanating from the stand in some races. The language s un necessary in any situation (we are trying to be family friendly remember) and the marshals and newer racers are trying their best, so chill out a little. We are racing for fun, not sheep stations!

  4. James says:

    I had a bit of a rough night for the Slash and had a elegal motor in it so i just went out for fun in the SCTs in the tourers i lost my front foam bar again in the second heat so i decided to keep it off for rest of the night! L8r James

  5. ian says:

    What a night it was Thanks paddy and others for running the meeting. 10 minute finals was great all for it.The 1/8 buggy was easy to handle compared to the e-revo.
    The tone on the drivers stand is getting a bit rough and as thephoenix76 said it is family friendly race meeting. Leave the finals 10 minute races

  6. Rocket says:

    great night .. 10 minute fianls ROCK 🙂 … cant wait for the next meeting. finally got the blitz running half decent times 🙂

    I think our next practice night/day should have some training/guidence for marshalling. several of the minor problems I personally seen last night while observing the marshalls were:
    -Marshalls and drivers running across the track to retreive broken cars(should be walking around the outer edge of the track)
    -Marshalls standing in the middle of the racing track trying to repair cars, hence obstucting other racers cars and views.
    -Marshalls running down the middle of the straights to retrieve cars while cars were going down the straights.(should be staying close to the ropes)
    -Marshall watching the race and not the section of track they are marshaling, several times cars were againts ropes right in front of marshalls and were not seen until the drivers had to yell out to be marshalled.
    I understand we have a lot of new inexperienced drivers, but im sure with some guidence from the more experinced guys, and some common sence, a lot of these problems can be sorted and 99% of the agro from the drivers stand would not be happeing. we need to keep things friendly and fun 🙂

    • Ben says:

      I need all the advice I can get when it comes to marshalling.. Im all for some training 🙂

    • Peter Hutton says:

      Maybe a bit of a quick run down on marshalling b4 next meeting starts be the go during drivers briefing

    • Peter Hutton says:

      Also twice when i picked up cars to turn them over the driver was already on throttle before i had placed car on the ground…thxs for the tyre burn on my wrist

  7. Ben says:

    You Tube has ruined the quality a bit but anyway… watching short course on the shock popper was very entertaining last night…

    And to see Steve M and Josh clearing the shock popper in 1/8 was a sight too see but being in that race made it hard to film 🙂 . Couldnt get a win over either of them but was pretty happy with 4 3rd place finishes.. I think I finished on the same lap as Josh in the final which is a start…

  8. Corey says:

    Great night guys, I loved the 10min final even thou I was put in the short course a class, but a great experience non the less. I too was disappointed with some of the attitudes and language coming from the stand in short course b races – really there’s no need for it. I think people swearing and voicing bad attitudes need to be warned or penalized some how. Also can we do something about a light for the back corner – even a flood light it’s been dark in that corners since I started 3 months ago. Over all excellent night and can’t wait until next meeting 🙂

    • Paddy says:

      You weren’t just put into the A main Corey, you qualified to be so! Well done!! As for the language and attitudes, we know who it was and will be talking with them next meeting, its absolutely not on swearing and abusing people, if it persists the individuals will be asked to leave. The lights have been on Rutherglen’s list of things to be fixed, in time this will happen…

  9. Wodanhospur says:

    Well my first post…..

    First off a big thankyou to James for a spare rear hub carrier for my slash. Ive broken two things…. a rear hub carrier…. and the other rear hub carrier in 6 races. I definetly owe you one since i’m going to get the aluminium ones shortly.

    Even with only a 3K and 4.2K NiMH batteries i got thrugh well in the final and came fourth in B class. The 10 min let the field really spread out and was a better style of racing than i’d seen. I would have thought it would make a difference considerng the track length is the same but in the 5m race i just feels more…… congested.

    Paddy your comment about cars going flat is wrong…. i definitely saw a car go flat…… yours….. 🙂

    I’m only very new but the main frustration i see in marshalling is the new circuit of the course. I love it but it is very difficult to marshall someone who ets caught on ropes in the middle of the straight. In many cases people dont know whether they should go or th person closer or whatever. perhaps a simple system where the marshalling ares are designated. If there are multiple crashes within an area help out , but you will ususally need to wait until your designated marshal gets to you before you are helped out.

    eliminates the multiple marshalls on track, and regulates what order you get helped in i.e. closest to the marshall (not always fair but human nature)

    anyway i had the best night ive had out ther in terms of friendlyness and fun so i’m stoked.

    • James says:

      No probs mate, Im planning to do the same thing since i broke one too on thursday night!
      On Nov 25th Race night im hoping to be there with my new 13.5t motor in thr Slash and the illegal motor thats in it now will be in the traxxas tourer and taking it out for a run? L8r James

  10. thephoenix76 says:

    On the marshalling, Perhaps we need a marshall in front of the stand to get to the middle section as it’s a bit far to get to for many of the other marshalls, and they have to cross too many lanes of the track.

    A little bit of marshalling training would be good for us all. Things like not stepping in front of cars coming down the track etc etc. However drivers also have to realise that those things limit how soon a marshall can get to a car. I get as frustrated as the next person, but I’m reasonable in my expectations. As for being distracted, we’ve all been guilty of that at some stage or another.

  11. Josh Fogarty says:

    well i to had a great night love the ten minute finals… also very happy to see a sc10 on the podium… it has been a long time… love the way i got my sc10 going right now… everyone seems to be flocking towards them… just because the “better” drivers get them and win with them doesnt mean it is the car… it is the experience they had had in the setting up side of things… anyway found the shock popper tricky to land correctly but was getting better… see ya all next meeting…

  12. Josh Fogarty says:

    i mean every seems to be flocking towards the blitz lol

  13. Ben says:

    Here’s a Thought,
    A few people did have problems or close calls getting there cars through the 10 min final, but I think we all can agree that the extended final is a great thing!
    So how about going to a 7 Min Final…. On a big night it would only mean 12 extra minutes added on to the end of the night so we could stick with 3 qualifyers and an extended final even when we have 40 odd cars…
    Also most if not all of the current batteries being used could handle 7 min easy and an extra 2 min in the final would go a long way…
    So… Who agrees?

  14. johnny s says:

    i think the marshalling systems needs an over haul and should include things like
    1. having dedicated spots for marshalls to stand that suits the track and drivers.
    2.the driver should call out marshall , loud everytime he needs one,,,, simple hay. just marshal not anything else…. this should wake the marshalls up….
    3.the marshal should call out “on the track” this should warn drivers barrelling down on them…….
    4. the marshal may hold the car and call “driver off the throttle” and place the car back on the track when happy

    being a responsable marshal IS PART of being a good driver and is just a big part of racing as is driving in the first place. just think how well you would go if “that marshal” payed more attention ………… remember it’s possable you were “that marshal” to someone else….. pick up your game fellas

  15. Corey says:

    Great video Ben – Hey guys I was wondering what’s the best shocks I can get for slash, I don’t think my standard ones will not withstand many more meetings with the shock popper 😦

    • Peter Hutton says:

      corey, go for the proline powerstroke shocks avail from at excellent prices and cheap postage


      • James says:

        Greenie mention those to me when i had my shockie cap came off when i was after some glue to hold it place for the night!

  16. Peter Hutton says:

    OK here is my whinge……somebody sort this motor shit out b4 it gets outta hand i as others have been running(and i presume many still are) sensorless 13.5T 3300kv motors in the trucks….now suddenly they are being branded illegal….great way to keep people to come racing…NOT.
    thats my say…. howl me down if i’m wrong i got broard shoulders but it needs clarifying NOW before we start losing competitors.

    • Paddy says:

      Peter, our rules on short course trucks are clearly stated on this website, and it says: ROAR approved 13.5t motor or higher, or standard rtr electrics. Just google roar approved motors to see the list, sensorless motor do put out alot more horsepower than their sensored counterpart. But I don’t know of a ROAR approved 1/10th sensorless motor.

    • thephoenix76 says:

      Yup, 13.5 t is still legal at our race meets. I mean my Novak 13.5t is only 2 race meets old! I can assure you I was careful to get a motor to match our classes.

      • Peter Hutton says:

        i was running a roar approved motor a ballistic 13.5T motor but with a sensorless esc,…. so does this make the motor illegal as it is running in sensorless mode?????????????
        At least i dont have this problem any more…no more stock short course truck…tourer only for Rutheglen now


  17. ian says:

    We need clarification of this before people go out and buy sensored setups that people can not afford and find out they dont need to because 13.5 and up with a brushless sensorless is still legal.PLEASE CLARIFY SCOTT

  18. Ben says:

    the race rules/guide lines ( ) cover off on a lot of this already. Marshalling, cones, vests, language and class rules…

    There was a few cones and vests around the old layout… that seemed to work well.. If anyone from the track committee would like me to bring some cones 🙂 to the next meeting let me know.
    With marshalling points set out again will eliminate all confusion
    When will we be seeing the race results?

  19. Dave says:

    That’s it.
    The Chinese 13.5T sensorless motors produce more than power than a ROAR approved 13.5T setup.
    Good they are ;-), Legal they are not.

  20. scottg says:

    I’m travelling back to tas today. If I get time during the day, or otherwise in the next day or so I’ll answer some of the questions on this thread.


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