Next week’s racing….10 minute finals!

For next week’s (Oct 28th) race meeting Paddy is proposing a trial of a new format of racing for Launceston R/C.

The plan will be to run just two rounds of qualifying (the usual five minute races), and then finish with a 10 minute final for each class.

The longer races will add something different to EP racing, giving you a chance to get into a good groove, and make up for any early mistakes.  It should be an exciting night’s racing, and great to try something different.

Share your thoughts in the comments section here…!


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25 Responses to Next week’s racing….10 minute finals!

  1. Greenie says:

    LOVE IT!!!!
    i’m keen to give it a try.
    i think it will make the racing even more fun!!!!!

  2. ian says:

    sounds good dont know about any one else but take me 2-3 laps to warm up.Looking forward to 10 minute finals

  3. Dave says:

    Another benefit is it will help keep a handle on how late the night goes.

    Fantastic idea 😉

  4. James says:

    Im glad i did some testing to see how long my batteries would last on the weekend with my brushless motor set up! Can’t wait to give it another challenge to be ticked off with our R/c Racing!

    I’ll be there in both usuall cars but ive got the torana to video the final! L8r

  5. thephoenix76 says:

    That’s a fantastic idea. I take a few laps to get settled usually as well.

    Should bring the time the night takes down a little as well. Bring it on!!

  6. Peter Hutton says:

    i.m easy just go with the flow…i probably be the one who trasvels the most distance but doesnt worry me regarding time we finish


  7. Ben says:

    Sounds like a great idea… however I am a bit worried my batteries wont last 10 min… I generally run 4-5 thousand mah batteries… am I worrying un nessecarily or is that why its a “trial” lol


    • scottg says:

      I am guessing it’s 8th scale you are thinking about Ben? You should be ok for ten minutes – just don’t do too many practice laps. I have run three five minute heats in my 8th buggy on 5000 packs.

      • Ben says:

        yep no problem then… looking foward to trying a new format…. I was referring to 1/8 and 1/10th.. the mini revo has been sold to a new sick of the revo breaking down….. there is a new 1/10 on the way from the USA.. 50 50 on weather it will be here for next thursday but I will be there in 1/8th either way…


  8. Paddy says:

    What new 10th scale have you bought Ben??

    • Ben says:

      Traxxas vxl brushless bandit….. but im not copying anyone I swear……… 😉
      so yeah.. lets give 2wd a go….. surprisingly all the upgrades to the revo actually made it slower and un reliable… it lookes good lol but not forgiving and too heavy… plus just felt like trying something different…. 🙂

    • Greenie says:

      love the 1/10 scales! they look the bomb hammering around the track

  9. Peter Hutton says:

    its thursday…why arnt we racing?????

  10. johnny s says:

    not a fan of the ten minute thing so im boycotting …….. have fun

    let me know when its business as usual

  11. Rocket says:

    looking forward to the extra long races .. you can get into a groove and recover from 1st corner carnage 🙂 and batteries and motors in the modern age of rc racing are more than capable of 10 minute + runs without woring up a sweat

  12. Dave says:

    I’d nearly push for a 15min final but it stretch the majority of cars.
    10mins really is the sweet spot and that first corner has crushed many a race of mine 😉
    5 mins is more a game of luck.
    A test of skill is what it should be.
    Consistent laps, smooth lines and optimal corner momentum.
    Not about how long it takes a marshal to untangle a mess of cars.

    • ian says:

      i would agree with you dave it would be interesting to see a 15 minute final. The e-revo is in semi retirement this week will have a 1/8 kyoshi buggy with the e-revo electrics.

  13. Ben says:

    batteries charging… getting excited

    • Paddy says:

      Tis the night the Launceston power grid struggles to keep up with all the battery charging going on!! Excited myself indeed 🙂

  14. Dave says:

    Great to see this thread so active.
    A true indication of the health of the club.
    Sorry been missing a few meets, be back for a run soon 😉

    I agree with Corey.
    A flood light in the back corner will improve the conditions.
    Pointing into the corner though, not pointing back at the drivers.

    Still yet to try the Shockpopper 😦
    Have a new ESC fan on the way so hopefully my cutoff troubles are behind me.

    See you all soon.

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