2nd Hand Gear

Got some gear to sell, but not sure where to list it?  In the market for second hand R/C gear?

We’ve added a page to the site for Launceston R/C regulars to list second hand gear for sale. Look for the “2nd Hand” page in the header menu above.  List your for sale items as a comment on that page, including your contact details.

Once it’s sold, let Scott know and the post will be removed. In any case we’ll remove posts that are two months old (and if you still have the gear for sale, you can re-post).  That’s a way of trying to keep the list fresh and up to date.

If you have gear for sale in other places (eg ebay or forums elsewhere), then by all means post a link in a comment on the 2nd Hand page.

Finally, if you know great places to buy gear second hand, pass that information on.  For example, the Australian “For Sale” forums on rctech.net are very active and have a lot of race oriented gear for sale.  Check out: http://www.rctech.net/forum/australia-sale-trade-103/

And one last thing, as with all 2nd Hand gear, it’s buyer beware.  As the buyer, it’s your responsibility to check that you’re getting good value for money. Launceston R/C won’t be checking the quality or pricing of gear posted for sale here. As a buyer, that’s your own responsibility.

So, hit up the 2nd Hand page, and start selling (or buying).



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