Race Report: 23rd September

43 cars gathered for an exciting night’s racing at Launceston R/C’s Rutherglen Raceway tonight.  Graham Viney (Tourer), Rodney Houghton (8th Big Banger), Steve Madziara (10th Buggy), John Silczak (Novice) and Scott Guyatt (Short Course) took the wins.

Full results are online here. Read on for the story of the night.With tonight’s racing being the final round in our Winter Championship series, everybody had their game face on to try and score maximum points.  We were also delighted to welcome first time racer Carl Taylor, and had another couple of new visitors checking out the action, with plans to return soon.

Short Course

A big 19 truck field faced the starter tonight, with plenty of intense battles right throughout the field.  Scott Guyatt took the TQ spot ahead of Andrew Green, with Rocket close by.  Alex Dadson, Sam Leeder and Peter Hutton did a super job to make the A final, with Nathan Clark looking ominously fast as well.

The B final turned out to be  Scott Kopriva benefit – the birthday boy arrived late and missed all the qualifiers, but showed plenty of speed to take a big win over a delighted (and improving rapidly) James Atkinson.  Chris Madziara took third after getting by Corey Dolbey, with Aaron Peck and Ian Scott rounding out the field.

The A final was another Scott benefit – this time Scott Guyatt running away.  Greenie was speedy and held second till some late race slides dropped him to fourth – first Rocket, then Nathan Clark slipping by.  Sam Wells was 5th (and fastest of the SC10’s) from Josh Fogarty, Dave Holloway, Alex Dadson, Sam leeder and Peter Hutton.


Our mixed tenth buggy & novice class was pretty full tonight – nine drivers competing hard for the honours.

Of the Tenth drivers, Steve Madziara was as fast as ever, putting his smooth driving style to good use to set TQ and then go on to a big A final win over Steve Willis, with Andrew Barrett’s ‘wingless’ sprintcar third.

The six car novice field was headed by John Silczak, with some massive horsepower on display, and some nice driving to go with it.  John was TQ in the novice group, and a pretty comfortable winner in the final, getting to the line well clear of Ben Wilson’s mighty Mini-Revo with Paul Tenteye third.  Troy Taylor returned tonight and continues to grow in confidence, with Leeder 5th, and Evan Cornelius 6th after a short and troubled night.

Big Bangers

11 8th scale buggies put down some serious horsepower tonight – the big buggies without question spectacular on the slippery, twisty Rutherglen circuit.  Qualifying was very tightly fought, with Rocket, Steve Madziara and Dave Holloway all fast.

In the B final, Steve Willis proved too strong, outlasting his opponents with his fastest run of the night.  Kyle Denma was second (and also with his fastest race time) from Ben Wilson, ian Scott and John Silczak.

Come A final time and we were treated to a ripper. Josh Fogarty jumped from fourth on the grip to lead on lap one, and set about heading for his first A final win.  Josh lead until the final minute, with Steve Madziara snapping at his heels the whole way, and Rocket lurking nearby.  Josh and Steve tangled a couple of times, such was the intensity of the battle, and on one of those occasions, the ever-present Rocket slid by to the lead. Rocket made sure of it, holding on for the win from Fogarty and Madziara, with Dave Holloway, Patrick Hume and Darren Walters rounding out a very closely matched field.


Tonight was all Graham Viney.  Graham has his XRAY working nicely, and put the pressure on his opponents with speed to burn throughout qualifying.  Bart put the mini alongside Graham, with Peter Hutton’s new XRAY propelling him to third ahead of James Atkinson.

Come finals time, and Viney got a charmed start, and then went right on with the job, opening  up a big lead.  He was not to be caught, setting his fastest race time and winning comfortably from Bart. Atkinson drive his best race yet to finish third, with Hutton fourth having wheeled out his old tourer for the final.


Winter Championship Series results will be announced in the next couple of days, together with a few dates for your diary.  Check back regularly!


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30 Responses to Race Report: 23rd September

  1. Peter Hutton says:

    OH wat a night……races won and lost….some of us should have just stayed home..lol
    Except for a PB with SC10 was a miserable night, broken connection on battery in the sc final, and a bearing in the diff of the Xray tourer. Oh well always next series.

    cya all then

    ps…congrats to all the placegetters and to all racers of the night

    • Peter Hutton says:

      had a shit of a nights racing( finals of course). Dicky battery
      connection in the short course truck…and some dickhead fitted the
      wrong 12mmm hex adapter for the wheels on the Xray T2-008 tourer…3mm
      instead of the 4mm ones…thought i stuffed a bearing and was only the
      rim touching the lower arm…grrrrr

  2. James says:

    What a night for me, Thanks to Ian for lending me a spare steering screw so i could run the Slash last night and guess what I beat you Ian! I was a happy to came 2nd for the night from not running the Slash, Gave it a test run before i entered it and it was ok running around the track so i entered it for the night!
    Tourers: I had a ball with my micro camera on the tourer, i was just out to finish so i could get third outright in the points and i was suprised that Peter took out his old tourer so my plan was to catch him and get a descent gap over him also i lapped him too so i got third for the night and outright in points! Im planning to throw my videos (the picture is ok but i have to cut out the windscreen to get better picture)up on Youtube Ive Named them:Rutherglen 23-9-10 Heat1, Heat2, Heat3, Final or go to 2008commoodre and they should be up buy end of the weekend and keep looking regularly! L8r

  3. Corey says:

    Great night guys, congrats to all the winners. Hey guys i just upgraded my brushed slash to a brushless hovak 3S/BALLISTIC SPEC BRUSHLESS system, but i was disappointed with the top-end speed of it, it5 wasnt much different to stock. I guess its the gearing, i have 19pinion and 86 spur i thought that would have been alright, ANY IDEAS?????

  4. ian says:

    Scott what does dps=disq mean

  5. Paddy says:

    Corey, it could be your gearing, how was your temps? But also don’t forget that a 13.5turn brushless is going to perform similar to stock setup… That’s the whole idea with our SC Rules, so that anyone with a RTR SC will be competitive without having to buy expensive motors or the best tyres… You will soon come to love the maintenance free brushless setup of yours… Good luck!

  6. James says:

    Hi James, just send me the links, not the files: From Scott Guyatt:
    How do i send the links?? or i could send you the address bar codes for the vids? L8r

  7. Corey says:

    Well didnt have a temp gauge on hand but it was just warm to the touch after a race, so it wasn’t now where near hot like me little erevo vxl gets

    • scottg says:

      Sound like you can put a bigger pinion on. If you ask around next time, other guys will have a temp gauge. I will try to remember to bring mine.

  8. Steve says:

    i carry a temp gauge with me

  9. Corey says:

    Im selling me traxxas e-revo 1/16 vxl with 2xnihm batteries and matched pair of MaxAmp batteries and a few spares if anyone interested email me cjdolbey@yahoo.com.au

  10. Peter Hutton says:

    When was the practice going to be and what time….sorry was busy when u said it thurs night


  11. James says:

    My Videos didnt upload onto photobucket last night; i think they are a bit big so ive already burnt them to a CD so i can give it to you Scott so you can put them up on here for me? Thanks James

  12. Josh Fogarty says:

    just wondering when the championship points will be up

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