Round Six is only days away!

This Thursday night Rutherglen raceway will echo to the sounds of electric motors being tortured, tyres howling, and plenty of friendly banter as our winter series wraps up.

After five action packed rounds, the series is going down to the wire. As usual doors will open just before 6pm, with racing underway by 7pm. If you are running late sms Scott on 0407783243 with your name, class and frequency.

It should be a great night, so whether its your first or tenth race with us, get out there!

Thursday Sep 23rd, 6pm. Rutherglen holiday resort, Hadspen.

See you there!


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Scott Guyatt is husband, father, brother, son, friend, disciple, runner, cyclist and story-teller
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21 Responses to Round Six is only days away!

  1. Greenie says:

    I’M A COMIN’ FOR YA ROCKET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Peter Hutton says:

    lol greenie
    loks like the Xray may be a goer..hope so if not the trusty purple people eater will be on track..Hopefull keep it together long enuff to give Graham n Bart a run for the money.


    ps:: we trying to get the girls ( Gen, Katrina and Ang) to have a practice race with tourers after the meeting…lol

  3. ian says:

    so Greenie has got the cross hairs on rocket. Will have the blitz and e-revo as normal see ya all thursday

  4. scottg says:

    AE has ‘nuthin’! Blitz ftw!

  5. joshua fogarty says:

    i dont want to say this but kyosho, kyosho , kyosho lol

  6. Greenie says:

    he he he!!!! the alliance battle begins!!!! LOL!!!

  7. James says:

    Im there with usuall cars; got a new Ford Raptor SCT-R Body for the Slash and a micro camera from my birthday (20-9-2010) and i’ll be bringing it for a run too and the tourer will be out trying to get third outright??

    Im going to Say it anyway: Colt, Traxxas, Colt, Traxxas, Colt, Traxxas!

  8. Peter Hutton says:

    james…all u will have to do is finish the final to get 3rd outright..

    BTW think it be Xray and mini


  9. James says:

    Hey Ian: You will probally will do beat me, Im not racing the Slash this week; Ive broken an screw pin for the steering blocks while i was tesing out my micro camera!

    Does anyone have a spare screw pin for the Steering blocks for a Trx Slash? I’ll be bringing the Slash and the part i need with me tommorow, if anyone hasn’t got one i won’t be racing the Slash but i will be still bringing out my gear for it just incase!
    My main concern is my points for the tourers so i’ll be out in the Colt-Torana!
    C ya tommorrow James!

    • James says:

      Hi Guys, Ive just installed the micro camera onto the tourer since the Slash is not running tonight and it works ok so far but i have to wait and see for tonight! C Ya All Soon James

  10. Dave says:

    Should be another great night’s racing 😉

    I’ll be in there looking for a win in the Big Bangers as always.
    Maybe tomorrow night I can get a look in 🙂
    What I do know is that it will be nail biting as always !!!!!!!

    Good luck everyone.

  11. scottg says:

    couple of minor errors in the points have been corrected on the master copy, but not uploaded.

    errors relate to novice and 10th buggy classes and impact on one driver who was scored in both classes at one event.

    final results (after tonight) will be corrected to take this into account


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