Results update for August & September….

Round five of our Winter Series took place at Rutherglen Raceway Thursday 9th August, and we’ve now uploaded full results from the last two race meetings.

For full results from August 26th (round 4 of our winter series) click here.

For full results from September 9th (round 5) click here.

For the full points score as of Round 5, click here: LRCWinter2010Points_Rd5

Remember it’s a 6 round series, with best five results to count….so all to play for at next fortnight’s final round for the series.

You guessed it….our Web guy is still off “working” overseas… click through to the comments to leave your story from tonight.

We’ll upload full results and post a link as soon as we’re able.


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15 Responses to Results update for August & September….

  1. Dave says:

    Thanks for the update Scott.
    Much appreciated.

    Interesting to see the are many positions up for grabs in the last round.

    Good luck everybody 😉

  2. James says:

    Thanks Scott for the update!! Its going down to the wire for me for the final round for my class points: Short Course Im averaging 2nd outright for B-Class racers and Tourers is the class to look out for me im within one point from Sam Wells and 16points from Peter Hutton! L8r n See ya at the final round!

  3. Greenie says:

    It going to be a tight finish to Launceston R/C’s first point series in ALL classes!

    In SC A’s, its a fight to the finish line between Rocket and Greenie, with Rocket only needing a 5th place or better to take out the series

    SC B’s, yeah, couldn’t work that one out sorry…… someone with better math skills might be able to help on this!!!! LOL!!!

    In the Big Bangers, it is an all out battle. With Paddy and Rocket sharing the lead as it stands, anything goes!!! Dav Holloway is snapping HARD at thier heals, trying to kick the door in for the top spot. Will Josh Fogarty spoil the fun and make a run for a place???

    The Tourers will be another epic battle between the Bart man and the speed demon Graham, can Graham hold the Bart at bay?? Will Sam Wells enter his weapon in the final round to hold out the quick learning James for a 3rd or better??

    1/10 Buggy has been a domination by Steve M. But who will stand up next to him at the end of the series?? Stickman Steve, Richard G, Bartman and Scott K, all will be fighting for the other two spots, it will be a fight to behold!!!!

    With a packed Novice class thats too close to call, who’s will come out on top?? Paul T is leading the charge, but can he hold of the dynamic trio of Ben W, Kyle D and Jonh S?? They are knocking on the door, and knocking REALLY hard!

    Going to be an EPIC night of racing people!!! Get your friends, family, the scary guy next door, it don’t matter, drag them along, cause this is going to be a night of racing NOT to be missed!!!

  4. Paddy says:

    Just so everyone is aware the points series is not split into A and B groups. Sorry if that has confused anyone…

    • James says:

      Oh well at least im doing well in the Tourers but im happy with the 4 podiums out of 5 rounds in the SCT Class! L8r

  5. Rocket says:

    It’s going to be a cracker last round .. can’t wait for the grren flag to drop .. the pace at the front is very intense in all classes .. going to go down to the last lap 🙂

  6. Paddy says:

    Also just another reminder, non members aren’t in the running for points either. All the better to get your membership into us and support your favorite club!

    • Greenie says:

      Come see me at the next race meet with money and forms if you haven’t sign up. I’ll have membership forms there too if needed, or they can be printed off from the “Documents” page at the top of screen

  7. ian says:

    So can Greenie on 88 knock off rocket with 9 points behind Rocket. 97 can Dave hold onto 3rd on 68 with Alex in 4th on 65 Scott k in 5th on 62.

    Will Rocket take the double or can Paddy knock him off level on 94 with Dave in 3rd on 81 and Josh in 4th on 73 and Ben in 5th on 61. Will be a epic final in all classes. see you all then

  8. Peter Hutton says:

    all possibilities aside reckon gunna be a cracker of a night racing….hopefully
    have tourer up n running by then (needs complete rear diff) to put a spanner in the works if rocket stays away…lol. starting to come to grips with the driveability of a
    decent car with a 17.5T motor


  9. johnny s says:

    greenie txt me ……. re revo 0418998776

  10. Corey says:

    hey guys i just brought myself a Havoc 3S/Ballistic 13.5 Brushless System for me slash (awaiting arrival) was wondering what pinion gear to use with it, anyone have any ideas or could point me in the right direction would be great


  11. James says:

    Ive got 90tooth spur/23tooth pinion on my Slash, but its the on-road setting & I’ll got to a 90t/20t set-up for off-roading! L8r

    • Corey says:

      Ok James, so that would give you more highend speed and less torque, is that right? Pete recommended a 21tooth pinion with a 87 spur would be a good start, what you think? Also is yours the standard brushed motor or a brushless?

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