Winter Series Round 5: Coming Up!

The second last round of our 2010 Winter Championship Series takes place this Thursday night 9th Sept at Rutherglen Raceway.

As we get down to the business end of the series, the competition for the points championship is hotting up, with most of the classes still wide open.

Even if you’re not chasing points, come on down and enjoy some super racing action!


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25 Responses to Winter Series Round 5: Coming Up!

  1. Peter Hutton says:

    cya all there thursday…tourer only this week


  2. James says:

    I’ll be there in both classes: Slasharado and Torana! L8r

  3. David Guyatt says:

    I get into Launceston on Thursday so maybe I can find a SC Truck under Scotts house and get some racing in with you guys on Thursday night. Being a Queenslander I guess I’ll have to see how cold it’s going to be before I commit to it.

    Hope to catch up there.

    Heavy (Scotts Dad )

  4. Peter Hutton says:

    do we have the results from last meet up anywhere yet?


    • Greenie says:

      Nah, with Scott overseas, Paddy nor myself can get them up. Paddy might be able to put them up as a post if he can pull them off the Laptop.

      • Greenie says:

        oh, yeah, i’ll be able to PRINT them off on thursday and put them on the notice board, because i’ll REMEMBER the printer this week!!!!

      • scottg says:

        sorry guys, paddy has sent me the results, but I have only limited access and limited time while Im’ on the road, and I haven’t managed to upload them. I’ll do it as soon as I get back (saturday).

  5. ian says:

    be there with the blitz new body and the e-revo with the steering fixed looking forward to it again

  6. Greenie says:

    18hrs and 26min to go!!!!!

  7. Dave says:

    Everything is packed up and ready to roll.
    Not long now!!!
    Can anybody catch the Rocket ???

  8. Corey says:

    Anyone have paddy mobile number, need to contact someone regarding tonight, hey there should be someone elses phone number on the site when scott is away, there needs to be a contacts page

  9. David Guyatt says:

    Great night tonite guys – many thanks for having me, Special thanks to Paddy for teh loan of some transmitter batteries and to Sam for the battery lead – couldn’t have raced without you guys.

    You are all very lucky to have such a special facility there – plenty of people elsewhere would love to have it.

    cheers till next time I’m down this way.


  10. Greenie says:

    Thanks David G for coming out for the night! Hope you enjoyed it and hope to see you there next time your down. Pleasure as always to have you there.

    Great night out racing peoples!!!
    Good clean racing for the most part and some MASSIVE battles through out the night. Myself and Rocket is SC A fought all night long with Rocket scrapping through on the last couple of laps to take the win in SC A final. Paddy and Dav and another epic battle in the Big Bangers through out the night as well, great to watch!!! Low number in the tourers and 1/10 scale buggies, but still, as always, great to watch. Hope to fix my other HPI up to join the fun in the 1/10scale next time out.

    Every time we’re out, the standed of racing gets better and better. Can’t wait to see what the next meet holds install for us!!!!

  11. James says:

    I had a bad start to the night for the Slash, I used to Traxxas Tourer’s Batteries to give them a run and the car wasnt running right so i throw one on graham’s charger then i used it for the second heat and it started to died down towards then end of the heat so i’d gone back to my original batteries for rest of the night to play catch-up and i got third for B-Class SCT!

    I just cruised around since i was the only one had a brushed motor for the Tourers!
    L8r James

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