Round Four: Run and Won!

Round four of our winter series has been run and won……but our webmaster is swanning about on the other side of the world….

So click through to the comments section, and leave your own story from tonight’s racing.  We’ll get the full results uploaded as soon as we can, and post a link here….


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17 Responses to Round Four: Run and Won!

  1. Dave says:

    Big Thanks to Paddy and Greenie for steering the ship again 😉

    Great nights racing as always.
    Sadly for me not a great deal of luck on the track but they say you make your own.
    Maybe next time I can squeeze back into a podium.
    Lightning Rodney Rocket has once again proven why he is the man to beat.
    Well done mate.

    • Bart says:

      it was just his new losi that made the difference. he has seen the light lol

      • Dave says:

        Glad in a way he is driving a Losi.
        They are good car Bart but IMO the AE outshines it.
        If he were in a AE he definitively would never be beaten.

      • Bart says:

        that what you think. lol
        he won last night hey. lmao 😛

      • Dave says:

        What I thought I was trying to say is Rocket is the factor in his win.
        Not the car Bart. The RC8 drives much better than a Losi.
        Rocket can beat us in his Cage.
        That thing is not made to win Big Banger events.

      • Rocket says:

        If its got 4 wheels and a motor anything can win races , just got to know how to drive it 😉

  2. James says:

    I didnt have a good night for the Slash with the Kumho Tyres on my car for the first heat then i’d gone back onto the BFGs for the rest of the night & in the end i came 4th for B-Class!
    Tourers: I was the only one had a brushed motor, I just went out to have fun and grab my 5th place point until i get my brushless on my Traxxas 4Tec Tourer thern i’ll be competitive in this feild!

  3. Peter Hutton says:

    Gr8 night guys…was a blast as usual….except for the gremlins in my switch on the truck.
    slowly coming to grips with the new Xray tourer…whole new ballgame driving this one.

    Well done to all who raced….was some excellent racing all night…hpefully willl remember the video camera for next meeting


  4. Bart says:

    well had another good night piloting the mini in to 2nd behind sam.
    really think i need a tourer now after driving grahams xray for the 3rd heat. it’s getting harder to be competitive with the front wheel drive beast. lol

  5. ian says:

    Thanks Paddy and Greenie for running the meeting. I had a mixed night blitz running well up to the final not enough battery to finish. Tha revo that was bad all over the place and took some heavy hits but thats racing overall it was another great night out P.S bring on the summer for warmer weather .See all next meeting.

  6. Greenie says:

    good night and some good racing again

    next time i’ll remember the printer!!!! might make things a little smoother during the course of the night!! LOL!!
    hoping next meet to have the buggs out of my MT2 and can help Paddy on the race control a bit more.

    • James says:

      Im happy to be runner to throw up the results on the noticeboard? L8r

      • Greenie says:

        Chers James, we’ll see how we go champ. if i can’t get 2.4g into the mt2, i wont be bringing it along, that’ll save mucking around and then Paddy can spend lest time on the laptop

  7. James says:

    Ive got plenty of spare crystals if you want to borrow a set to run the Mt2?

  8. Greenie says:

    nah, had massive problems with the crystals, want 2.4 in it, don’t want a run away!!!

  9. Peter Hutton says:

    If any one interested i have a Traxxas Slash for sale complete
    with radio and brushless system ready to race….4 new rims fitted, 4 spare rims
    2 with tyres, RPM front bumper, front skid plate, front n rear shock towers. Also have RPM bumper n roof light kits for it as well(no led’s yet)
    price negotiable. contact me at if interested


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