Scottsdale R/C Challenge

One of the highlights of the R/C calender in northern Tasmania is the annual Scotsdale R/C Challenge.

The races takes place in conjunction with the Scotsdale show, which this year means the event is Friday November 12th and Saturday November 13th.

There will be more info over the next few weeks, but for now stick it in your diary.  Track is laid out on a couple of bitumen netball courts and usually attracts a big crowd of spectators lining the fencing and cheering very loudly!

The final classes will be determined on entries recieved, but following are possible classes:

  • Short course trucks
  • 1/8th electric buggies/truggies
  • 1/8th nitro buggies/truggies
  • 1/10th nitro tourer
  • 1/10th mini
  • 1/10th mod/stock
  • 1/10th 540/stock electric tourers
  • 1/10th electric buggies

The Scottsdale R/C Challenge is organised by Rocket, so if you want to know more, or help out, check in with him on Thursday night’s at Rutherglen Raceway – or leave any comments or questions here.

We’ll definitely be encouraging everyone to make it out to Scottsdale for what is a very fun event. We’ll post more info here as soon as we have it.


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8 Responses to Scottsdale R/C Challenge

  1. Greenie says:

    you and i where going down weren’t we Paddy??? but had to come back early???

  2. Dave says:

    Just wondering what class the SC Trucks will run?
    Also can you just race on the Saturday?

  3. ian says:

    will be there with the blitz the e-revo and maybe te tourer looking forward to it

  4. Paddy says:

    I believe we had to come back early for the bucks dinner Greenie. But man it was fun last year. I highly recommend it…
    Will try and stay the full day Saturday…
    8th EP buggy and
    10th SC truck for me Rocket!

  5. James says:

    I might go down since i may not got going to my cousin’s wedding that is on the same weekend but if i’ll be going i’ll be taking my two main cars down for a run: Slash and Grahams tourer or my Traxxas Tourer if it will be finished buy then :-s !

  6. Greenie says:

    Blitz and Modifed EP MT2 SC for me!!!!!!(thats if i don’t shred it by then!!!)

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