Race Report: Winter #3 12th August 2010

A new record 44 entries took to the track at Rutherglen tonight and the result was some of our best racing yet.  Highlights included Paddy vs Rocket in the Big Bangers A final, Chris Madziara’s speedy Short Course B final performance and the addition of no less that five new faces.  Big welcome to Tim Eastwood, Travis Allen, Steven Vass, Corey Dolbey and Troy Taylor. We hope you guys enjoyed your night out, and look forward to seeing you again soon.

Full results from tonight are uploaded now and available here.

Short Course:

Rocket opened up well tonight with his second appearance in the HPI Blitz. He picked up the first two heat wins before Scott Guyatt ironed out the kinks in the new Blitz ESE to go fastest of all. Greenie was a close-up third in qualifying, with some other excellent qualifying performances putting Alex Dadson, Scott Kopriva and Sam Leeder into the A main alongside regular fast guys Chris Brickwood, Dave Holloway and Peter Hutton.

In the A final, Guyatt got a clean start and put the pedal to the metal, easing away throughout for a good win. Rocket similarly eased away from his pursuers, while the highlight of the race was Brickwood’s pursuit and eventual pass on Dave Holloway for the final podium position. Dadson followed up his strong performance last meet with fifth and Scott Kopriva continues to build speed, coming home 6th from Leeder and Fogarty.

In the B final, Chris Madziara overcame earlier radio troubls to lay down a fast time and take a dominant win, with James Atkinson’s second place possibly his finest drive yet. Ryan Hughes stepped up from Novice to SC and did a great job to finish third from Ian Scott, Tim Eastwood and James Schlink.


Sam Wells was the class of the field tonight, dominating qualifying with his Schumacher. Behind him Graham Viney and Peter Hutton (both XRAY) were in pursuit whiel James Atkinson continued to learn the trade of TC racing.  Travis Allen had radio issues that put an early end to his night.

The tables were turned in the final when a dislodged battery lead for Wells let Viney take the lead and go on to a strong win, with Wells just recoving to finish second ahead of Hutton and Atkinson.

8th Big Bangers

Our biggest ever field of 8th Big Bangers resulted in 12 cars fronting the starter. Dave Holloway loves his EP buggy and was fastest in qualifying with three very consistent runs. Holloway took TQ by just 0.3 seconds from an ominous looking Hume, and with the experienced Rocket just a couple more seconds away.  Steve Madziara made his first 8th scale appearance and made the A final, with Ben Wilson and Alex Dadson likewise in their first A final appearances in the class.

When Holloway parked it on the ropes in turn one and got badly delayed, the scene was set for an epic dual between Hume and Rocket.  And that’s exactly what we got – the two gapping the field with the furious pace they set. Rocket’s pursuit was never ending, but Hume stood strong, going to a good win in the fastest time of the night. One very happy president!  Madziara put in his fastest run of the night to be third, with Holloway in fourth after a tough recovery drive.  Darren Walters and Josh Fogarty were split by just a handful of seconds, with Wilson and Dadson rounding out the field.

In the B final, Steve Willis put the sword to the field, winning by just over a lap from main rival John Silczak, with Ian Scott in third and first time racer Steven Vass a non-starter having run out of batteries.

Tenth Buggy:

Three tenth buggies on show tonight, with the guys mixed in among the novice field.  It all ended early for Scott Kopriva witha  big first round accident doing enough damage to end his night. Out front Steve Madziara continued to put in an excellent performance with his 2wd buggy to overcome Steve Willis in both qualifying and then again in the final.


A strong seven car field in Novice included two new faces, with Corey Dolbey and Troy Taylor joining the fun.  The qualifying duel was between John Silczak and Paul Tenteye, with Silczak taking the TQ spot courtesy of a fast third round performance in qualifying. Kyle Denman qualified third ahead of Corey Dolbey, while Sam Leeder broke in round one, Ben Wilson had an uncharacteristically trouble-filled night and Troy Taylor battled radio and later gear mesh issues.

Come finals time and it was a cracking race between Tenteye and Silczak, the two battling fiercely and swapping positions several times. Eventually Tenteye’s consistency told and he snuck away over the last minute to record a second straight win, and with Silczak holding his second position.  Denman did an excellent job to run home third, with Dolbey, Wilson and Taylor failing to finish.

Next time out, 26th July will be round 4 of the winter series. With a number of potential new racers exploring the pits, and some new cars just about ready to make an appearance, it should be another exciting night of R/C action.

Bring it on!


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13 Responses to Race Report: Winter #3 12th August 2010

  1. Marv says:

    With a a PB in Short Course and the Big Bangers, I keep telling myself I done good.
    Well done all.
    Look forward to the next one, I’ll be back !!! 😉

  2. Greenie says:

    ahh good fun night, ticked i didnt get to start the final……grrrrrrr…. thats racing!!!
    but hey, gave it a good go during the heats so at least i know i can almost keep up with rocket and scotty!!!!

  3. Ben says:

    A dismal effort in novice, no matter how many spares you buy….. you all know the story. But I was rapped with a ticket to the A final in 1/8 big bangers! may have came second last but its a real rush mixing in with the faster buggies!! loved it!
    Now to order more revo spares…..

  4. ian says:

    What a great night we all had.Good close racing . Thanks ScottG and Paddy for running the show and Greenie . Looking forward for next racemeeting

  5. James says:

    What a night for me; I got there early to get my pit area set-up and have my tea there aswell, I decieded to go out to give my Slash a warm-up run and buy this time the enteries was open so i went off to enter for two classes.
    I started to get the Slash ready first then onto the new Holden Torana Concept body for Grahams Tourer, throwing the decals on the car just in time to start racing!
    Short Cousre was up first for me, I only did a lap or two before I realised that I broke a Axle-Carrier in the Right-Rear of my SCT and I went in to the pits to get my TC ready and I went out onto the grid for the Tourers, I gave my car a steering test on the grid, the body was hitting against the wheels so I just went out & put up with it!

    After my marshall run for the Big Bangers A-Class I started to repair my cars & got them both fixed in time for my 2nd heats for each class, for the Slash, I just went out to grab many laps as i could, for my tourer i hit a bump or divet from the tracks surface and the cars front foam bar angled towards the front left wheels and i could continue racing anymore so i went back into the pits to fix it and i went back out to grab some more laps as i can!

    For Heat 3 I had good runs in each class, but my battery for the Slash started to die on me & I just had enough power to get me home, for the tourers i noticed theres only four cars on the grid so I just cruised around to get better at driving in this class!

    For the Finals: I Qualifyed 2nd in the Short Course B-Class; I went out with grahams 3000mah 6-Cell Venom Battery and I was quite impressed how well it went in my Slash and it got me onto the podium for the third time in a row & for the Tourers I was doing well for a while then I hit the same divet on the track & the front bar was on a angle again & I went in to fix the problem again then I went back out to grab my 4th place points! Thats my story for last nights racing!

    • James says:

      I also forgot to say that i ran the Car’s ESC on Sport Mode for a change from Race Mode that ive ran on in the past race meetings!

      And ive ordered some Kumho Tyres for the next round or whenever they arrive here to see how they go at Rutherglen!

  6. Steve says:

    What a great night we had on Thursday, the only thing is I would have liked more cars in the B final, as Ben Wilson was put up to the A finals, so that only left four cars in the final and one of those was a non-starter would learn a bit more if there was more cars, would be better if the numbers were even. So there was 8 cars in the main A final and was a good race to watch, but the B final wasn’t much due to a lack of cars. Good on Ben for getting put up to the A’s give them heaps Dover

    • ian says:

      yes agree with you there steve more cars be better.But it might be just the way the computer is set up. Hopefully the revo may be more competitive being lowered

  7. Peter Hutton says:

    Was a good night with the new tourer..gunna take a while to get used to the driveability of the xrayT2.
    Hey Scotty…the young fella that borrowed the cyrstals can you ask him to make sure they returned next meet please as required for my boat.
    also Sam Wells my email is hilux253@yahoo.com.au and i will send the set up sheet for the buggy for you

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