Winter Series Round 3: August 12th 2010

Round 3 of the Winter Series for Launceston R/C is just days away!

Will we see Bart, Mick or Matt putting their Australian Nationals experience to good use? Will the Big Bangers class continue to grow and put on some excellent action? Will Short Course top 20 trucks for the first time? These questions and more to be answered this Thursday night!

I’ll be updating the season points from last race meeting later on tonight – so check back for an update on the series so far.

A couple of other pieces of information for you all.  Firstly, there has been some accidental damage to the cricket nets. The venue owners have asked us to make sure everyone stays away from the nets. For that reason from now on we’ll be asking for no cars to be driven on or near the nets. The only place for cars to be driven is on the track.  We’ll also ask for drivers not to pit too close to the nets.

Secondly, under the liquor licence of our hosts, it is illegal for alcohol to be brought from outside onto the premises. We’ll remind everybody of this on Thursday night, but to make it simple, please don’t bring alcohol with you. Anybody that does will be asked to leave. This is a serious issue that could cost us our venue, so please help us out by doing the right thing.

Those two bits of news out of the way, we can get on with looking forward to some more racing action this Thursday night at Rutherglen. Whether you’re a regular, an occasional visitor, or a first time racer with us, we’ll welcome you on Thursday.

Doors open by 6pm. Racing from 7.

Let’s race!

UPDATE: Series points after round two:  LRC Winter 2010 Points – After Round 2


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21 Responses to Winter Series Round 3: August 12th 2010

  1. ian says:

    Looking forward to thursday night. 3 weeks is to long but it is what it is. Be running the blitz and the e-revo again. Will see all thursday night .Bring it on

  2. James says:

    I’ll be there with both cars including the Colt-Commodore but im giving the Summit a test drive run ready for the next lot of 6 Races before we start racing there on thursday night! L8r James

    • James says:

      Im just taking the Commodore and the Slash out now, i took the Summit to show it off at my work for my mates there, the universal joint is hitting the rear housing bracket and i tried to fix it today and its still hitting it so ive just put it away for a while and concentraite on my 2 main classes at Rutherglen!

  3. Katrina says:

    Yah nearly racing night woo hoo 3 weeks is to long in between meeting’s Club mascot will be their as well.

  4. Katrina says:

    Also well done to the Tassie boy’s that was away for racing good job by all and they should be very proud of themselfs. Well done guys.

  5. Greenie says:

    oh yeah!!!!!
    bring on da thursday racing!!

  6. Bart says:

    not sure if i can make it. also think i’m a bit rced out over the past weekend lol

  7. scottg says:

    Update: added link to series points after round two to the original post.

    Points sheet includes total points, and total less the driver’s lowest. A reminder that the series scores best five from 6 events.

  8. James says:

    Thanks Scott for the points update, i thought i was in the top ten but i forgot to drop my lowest points round: I did a draft at home to see where i am after each round!

    Got some new wheels and tyres for the Commodore but im not sure how well they are going to be out there! L8r

  9. Josh Fogarty says:

    i will be there with sc10 and my new kyosho inferno mp9e and alex will be racing the slash and the kyosho inferno ve

  10. scottg says:

    1 HPI Blitz ESE ready to rumble. Hope it works as good as the RTR!

    Paint by paddy looks awesome!

  11. Paddy says:

    Nice work Scott! Can”t wait to see how she performs!
    I’ll have my RC8e there as always 😉
    See you all tomorrow night!

  12. marv57 says:

    Should be good 😉

    • Greenie says:

      Those are the finest cigars in the universe. I can stink up a whole maternity ward with one of those things

      “Bender Bending Rodriguez”

  13. Bart says:

    guys i won’t be running. i have a meeting to go to in deloraine.
    will call in and leave my laptop there with a slide show running of pics from the truggy national title if interested

  14. Greenie says:

    yeah, ok, wow, really, wow….. so slow at work…. has anyone got a way to speed up time to around 4.30 so i can knock off work and get ready for racing???? i mean REALLY slow at work!!!! might watch a movie………………………………..

  15. Greenie says:

    yeah, got some nice Parker ones in stock i think, RRP around $60-$70 each…….

  16. Scott Kopriva says:

    Hi guys was ok night racing the short course with the Buggy not racing any more until there have class with better drivers going to race the tourer now maybe next meet

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