Truggy Nationals: Good luck LRC Boys!

Some of our regular racers at Launceston R/C are just about to catch the plane north for the 2010 GP Truggy Nationals at Sydney’s Liverpool raceway.

Michael Peck, Andrew ‘Bart’ Barrett and Matt Hodgetts will join a stack of the guys from NWRCCC for the trip – with Jason & Wayne also driving, and a heap of support crew along for the ride.

We’ll post some links to results and live coverage later – the event starts middle of next week (I think on the 4th of 5th).

To all the guys, but Mick, Bart and Matt in particular, have a great trip and enjoy the racing.  Are we jealous? Yep!


Here’s a couple of links so you can follow the action:

Live timing & results links:

Once the timing and results go live,I’ll post direct links to those pages.


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8 Responses to Truggy Nationals: Good luck LRC Boys!

  1. IAN says:

    yes good luck to all that is going over and have a great time and do well racing

  2. Greenie says:

    yeah, good luck guys!!!!
    have a blast, and show them overseas guys what tassy can do!!!!

  3. joshua fogarty says:

    good luck guys!!!!!

  4. Greenie says:

    “a note from Bart”

    after first round of qualifying us tassies and honary tassies are placed as follows

    Flanno 13th
    Matt 32nd
    Heardy 36th
    Bart 44th
    Mick Peck 49th

  5. Peter Hutton says:

    results after Q4

    Flanno P13
    Matt P30
    Jason P41
    Bart P48
    Pecky P61

    well done guys, some excelllent times laid down by them all


  6. Bart says:

    day 2 photo’s

    i’m happy getting faster each run. was up to 42nd after round 2 but dropped down a little. fingers crossed a top 50 finish is on the cards

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