Race Report: Thursday 22nd July

Another 35 cars and by all accounts some excellent racing at Rutherglen this Thursday just gone.

In Tenth Buggy a small field with just Steve Madziara and Andrew Barrett. Steve was quick to take TQ and win over Bart.

In Novice Buggy Johhny Silczak took the top qualifier spot before Paul Tenteye turned the tables in the final with a narrow win over Ben Wilson.

In a small field of Tourers Sam Wells ran rioit with his new car – setting the fastest qualifying time and then winning big over Bart and Graham Viney. Nice to see James Atkinson joining the TC brigade this week.

A good field of 13 Short Course Trucks saw the return of Rocket. Newly equipped with a HPI Blitz Rocket had too much – getting to a ten second win over Greenie. Nice to see Alex Dadson, Chris Madziara and Sam Leeder making the A final – with Alex in third, Chris fifth and Sam sixth.  In the B final Scott Kopriva set a fast time to win from James Atkinson and Taylor Barwick. Also good to see Richard Castigan and Daniel Barwick return to race again.

Our Big Bangers provided one of the highlights of the night with Paddy Hume and TQ man Rocket fighting out a thriller – the lead changing twice in the dying laps.  Dave Holloway was third, while in the B final Steve Willis took the win over Ben Wilson and Ian Scott.

Full results are available here.

As I wasn’t there Thursday,. I’ve only given the bare bones report here. Feel free to jump into the comments section and tell your own story!

We’ll do it again in two weeks….!


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28 Responses to Race Report: Thursday 22nd July

  1. Greenie says:

    good night out, 3 weeks to wait till next race fix

  2. IAN says:

    Good race meeting and thanks Paddy and greenie for running the meeting. Just one question those sc trucks that are 4wds should they really be running in with the standard sc trucks being it ment to be stricked class. Its not fair on those others that running and you get bumped by them and send you off course and lose position.Put them in the 1/8 class there big and fast.

    • IAN says:

      P.S thats the way I see it

      • James says:

        I agree to Ian; some people out there and ram you off course and they get away with it and this was on the main straight; My Speed was a bit slow and they should be going around me the long way than ramming someone off track!
        On a good note i mainly go out to have fun and i enjoyed the night out being in two classes and the Colt-Commodore was a fun car to drive!

      • Greenie says:

        both the two outlaw SC truck drivers have invested a lot of money on their trucks and in buying standed kits and legal motors so they can come and run in the class. both their truck race on the mainland, and they have bought motors that are legal up there. so when they’ve come to race with us, they have been in the same boat as some of you, not having legal spec motors. we put them in the A class to start with so the B class could have clean heats. we do our best to fit people into a class thats their cars will fix into, and due to the fact that we can only run so many race classes in a night, we can not run an Outlaw class for the SC trucks. if you noticed, none of their laps where counted as requested by Paddy and myself, they where happy for that to happen as they only wanted to race against other SC trucks. as soon as they have the funds to finish off their legal SC trucks they well be racing with them. it is an expensive sport as you all know, and we are doing our best to fix everyone to have a race.

      • Greenie says:

        only one is 4×4 and the other is a blitz.
        both are 1/10 scale.

  3. Peter Hutton says:

    pain in the butt hey greenie…….unfortunately circumstances prevented me from attending this week…but with bits arriving everywhere( new tourer and body, new esc and batteries for the truck) will all be a go for the next tho…cant wait now


  4. Ben says:

    Fantastic night of racing…I had an absolute ball bombing around in the 1/8 class I think many would agree the new ramp is fantastic, great job once again Paul and Johnny!. Was very pleased with my home made half nitro half electric pinion gear lasting almost the whole night.
    Paul had a great win in Novice, I will surely have to bring my A game if I want any more first place finishes with Johnny also putting on a great show.
    Greenie and Paddie done a great job runnng the night seemlessly, And the notice board was a big hit with a big crowd huddling around reading race results every time they were printed out!
    I have the proper pinion on the way for the Ansmann Virus so the only problem now is 3 weeks between races is TOO DARN LONG!!!!!


  5. Dave says:

    Great night’s Racing for sure.
    All the Big Banger clashes were intense.
    Great to see Paddy get up over the mighty Rocket.
    Racing was very close and nail biting.

    I must congratulate all the drivers on Thursday.
    The standard of driving has surely stepped up a notch.
    I know I wasn’t the only one to notice this.
    Well done!!

  6. kyle says:

    yeah 3 weeks is to long should have a practice day some time soon

    • IAN says:

      any chance of organising a practice time before next meeting

      • Ben says:

        I would go to a practice day/evening for sure. Maybe The pro racers could teach us newbies how to hold a race line instead of my random line 🙂

  7. Bart says:

    3 weeks is good for me. if it was 2 like usual i would be away at the truggy nats in sydney.
    so no complaints from me lol

  8. josh says:

    good chance for me to get my mp9e built and ready to run…. got some hudy gear coming so should be a good night in 3 weeks time….

  9. joshua fogarty says:

    dad was just saying that the racing should be every second week no matter wat time of the month it is……

    • Ben says:

      A BIG MASSIVE AGREED TO THAT!!!! 🙂 I start work at 4am Fridays… and I get one Friday off a Month… so being simply every second Thu night would make it easy for me to make sure at least every second race meet I didnt have to get up for work 3 hours after getting home….
      Also no more near Month breaks between racing…. 😦

  10. johnny s says:


  11. Dave says:

    The calender is what it is I suppose.
    I could have made next Thursday Night but the following Thursday I’m on Afternoon Shift.
    Impossible for me to attend every second Thursday now for a while until the Racing Roster shifts by a week again.
    That is the luck of the draw.

  12. scottg says:

    Couple of points to note. I’m waiting to hear back from Rutherglen on arrangements for a practice day.

    Secondly, the calendar was designed as it is for a few reasons – including trying to be good neighbours with NWRCCC and keep our race meetings as far from theirs as possible – to suit those who want to race at both venues. We understand this doesn’t apply to everybody, but it was part of our reasoning.

    We can revisit the race calendar for 2011 later in the year.


  13. scottg says:

    I was working toward a saturday afternoon session – with a ‘school of R/C’ session on driving built into the practice time. Arrangements and costs still to be confirmed with Rutherglen, I’ll let you know when I’ve heard back from them.

  14. Paul says:

    I definately support practice days on weekends if viable

  15. James says:

    Im curious that theres a New Set of Kumho Venture Tyres comes with the Scott Duglas and Mike Oberg Slashes and Slash 4×4 RTRs, Are we allowed to race these tyres at Rutherglen? Im planning to get a set for my Slash to see how they go out there! L8r James

    • James says:

      Oh yeah both of my cars are ready for next week but what will i take between the Slash Or the Summit to go with the Colt-Commodore?

  16. James says:

    Thanks Greenie, The Slash has got a new Traxxas Titan Motor (My Budget is a bit low) to run in the Slash and ive got my front diff fixed for the Summit.

    I was plannning to give the Summit a test drive next week that means i have to leave out the Slash and im doing well in the Short Course Trucks Points, I might leave the Summit at home and race it in the next lot of 6 rounds!

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