Setting the Rules

Six months into the life of Launceston R/C and we’re loving the relaxed, enjoyable and competitive atmosphere each fortnight at Rutherglen.

But we recognise that it’s also time to start getting ourselves a little better organised, and making sure that we’re all singing from the same song sheet.

So we’re starting to put together a set of rules and guidelines for the club. These will include general guidelines for things like race format or marshalling, safety rules governing things like LiPo use and trackside pit areas, and then the technical rules applying to each of our racing classes.

I’ve posted a draft set of rules (see “Race Rules” in the top menu) for discussion over the next little while.  We’ll discuss these at a committee meeting scheduled for Thursday 15th July, and more than happy to receive your comments and feedback.

We definitely don’t want to overcomplicate things at Launceston R/C, but we want to ensure everybody can enjoy close, fair, competitive and fun R/C racing.

Let us know what you’re thinking….


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5 Responses to Setting the Rules

  1. Greenie says:

    Short Course.

    “Maximum 2s 7.4v LiPo or 6-cell 7.2v NiMh batteries ”

    some COME standed with a 7 cell, like the new Slash pack i arranged for ryan to buy. that came with a standed 7 cell 3000Mah as a packaged deal, and bought an extra 4200Mah 7 cell on that order.

    Q: Is this a fixed ruling for NiMH packs?? Q: If so, why be that??
    (no argument from me on the LiPo’s!!)

    • scottg says:

      Hey Greenie,

      I put in 6-cell NiMh in the draft because that’s been the global standard for 10th scale racing for something like 25 years. 7-cell NiMh gives higher voltage, and consequently more power (which is why Traxxas bundle them with the Slash – marketed mostly not for ‘racing’ and extracting more performance from a relatively slow motor).

      But I re-iterate, it’s a draft set, posted for discussion. I’d personally rather stick with global standards – but that’s a club decision.

      We have similar issues with motors – where some RTR vehicles are sold with motors that don’t fit in our (or most other club’s) technical rules. We need to figure out how to allow people to to bring RTR vehicles and race, but not have a club that’s totally open slather where anything goes.

      I’m always coming from a pure ‘racing’ background – and sometimes I need to be told to get lost!

  2. Greenie says:

    thats a good point, i’ll have to look at his motor after saying all that about the batts!!

  3. James Atkinson says:

    I got a 7-Cell battery with my Slash and i got some 6-Cell batteries yesterday to stay within the rules of Short Course Racing!

  4. Ben says:

    Well there are a lot of good things in there, will make it better for all of us.
    One thing we need to be careful of is remembering that not all of us come from a racing background. Those of us are out to have some “competitive fun on a budget”. Reccomending roar approved batteries is a good thing for safety reasons. There is a lot of cheap nasty lipos out there. But most of us since starting out at Launceston RC have already bought up to 10 lipos so to have roar approved batteries as reccomended is a MUST. Charging lipos is another matter… after last week I have already ordered a lipo bag and am a big fan of the use of them.
    class rules:
    I dont really understand turn ratings in motors but once again in the time Launceston rc has been running a lot of us have already saved the pennies and set ourselves up with batteries and vehicles, I believe to force the racer to remove perfect recently bought batteries and motors… leave them on the bench at home and have to buy more batteries and a new motor will ultimately remove the friendly inviting atmosphere we have created.
    I understand we do have plenty of serious racers among us. Also understand the advantages of everyone in a class running similar gear to make things competitive. Also understand the advantage in roar approved batteries. But to enforce these great rules after people have set up cars with batteries will cost these people a lot of money they may not have.
    Short course is an obvious category that has been heavily scrutinised from the start and it works well, but maybe ease up on the other classes? and a general agreement that if you buy a lipo, buy a roar approved one.
    Fantastic ruling about “no advantage” on rope jumping. I actually seen a couple of people doing that last meet. As for drivers etiquette, I dont believe any of us would intentionally damage another vehicle… and at the end of the day we are “racing” so a bump here and there in my opinion is all part of it….
    Launceston rc is a fantastic creation and a big well done to everyone involved. We need rules so lets create them in a way that adds to the friendly come and have a go atmosphere that has got us to 40 plus cars per meet.
    I have a lot of opinions, I dont have the answers… but I will be there Tursday night to help with sugestions 🙂

    There you go….thats the non racing background view……

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