Race Report: Winter Series #1 (08/07)

It’s in the books!  The first Championship series for Launceston R/C is underway after the successful running of tonight’s first round.  A near record 41 cars braved the freezing temperatures to battle it out for points and bragging rights.

Full results are uploaded here.

Points after round one available here (pdf): LRC Winter 2010 Points – After Round 1

Here then, is how it happened…..


John Silczak had some of his best runs yet in qualifying to secure the top qualifying spot among the Novice crew tonight, just ahead of the mighty mini-Revo twins Ben Wilson & Kyle Denman.  Come finals time, and it was Denman that put it all together, driving his tiny Traxxas to a five second win over Wilson, with Paul Tenteye putting together his best run of the night for an excellent third. We welcomed two new drivers to the Novice class tonight in Ryan Hughes, and visiting Victorian James Schlink. James will be around for the next few months while working in Tassie. Welcome to both Ryan and James!

  1. Kyle Denman: 14 laps 5.05
  2. Ben Wilson: 14 laps 5.10
  3. Paul Tenteye: 13 laps 5.00
  4. Steve Willis: 13 laps 5.11
  5. John Silczak: 13 laps 5.14
  6. Ryan Hughes: 12 laps 5.09
  7. James Schlink: DNS

Tenth Buggy

A small field in tenth buggy tonight joined in with the Novice class for qualifying and finals.  Steve Madziara was head and shoulders the class of the field with some speedy heats and a big win in the finals over Scott Kopriva, and with Michael Peck third after battling a few niggling issues during the night.

  1. Steve Madziara 17 laps 5.11
  2. Scott Kopriva 14 laps 5.28
  3. Michael Peck 11 laps 4.07

Touring Cars

A smaller field of TC/Mini than we’ve seen recently – perhaps the cold weather keeping a few TC racers at home.  As usual we were treated to some fine racing between Rod “Rocket” Houghton, Graham Viney and Andrew “Bart” Barett. Michael Peck joined TC for the first time tonight, and Richard Green added a nicely painted new body to his HPI.  Rocket was too strong in qualifying and lined up on pole position, and got the better of his rivals, just, in an entertaining final.  Bart and Rocket both led for long periods, with Rocket just a fraction too strong over the closing minute to take the win, Bart second and less than one second clear of Viney who had shadowed the mini duo throughout.

  1. Rocket 25 laps 5.00
  2. Bart 25 laps 5.05
  3. Graham Viney 25 laps 5.06
  4. Michael Peck 20 laps 5.01
  5. Richard Green 10 laps 2.48

8th Big Bangers

There’s no question the 8th scale class was the star tonight – 10 monster horsepowered 8th EP vehicles battling it out in the tight confines of the Rutherglen Indoor Raceway was a sight to behold.  Rocket joined the class tonight at the wheel of his new GV Cage buggy, while Dave Holloway retired his RC8Te Truggy and replaced it with a more nimble buggy. These two, together with Paddy Hume fought out the heats, with Holloway the quickest to secure pole position.

The final had it all – Rocket slipping by Holloway on lap two and gradually eking out a good lead, while Holloway and Hume put on a stunning race – split by just inches for much of the five minute final.  In the last minute of the race Rocket’s lap times started to slow, and with battery power failing, both Holloway and Hume swept by on the final lap, the three finishing in that order.  Darren Walters continues to impress in his return to the sport, while Aaron Peck keeps on amazing everybody with fast times in his monster truck.  A big step forward tonight for John Silczak, joining the class with an awesome looking EP truggy.

  1. Dave Holloway 16 laps 5.02
  2. Patrick Hume 16 laps 5.04
  3. Rodney Houghton 16 laps 5.12
  4. Darren Walters 14 laps 5.06
  5. Aaron Peck 13 laps 5.16
  6. John Silczak 12 laps 5.06
  7. Steve Willis 12 laps 5.13
  8. Ian Scott 10 laps 5.05
  9. Graham Viney 9 laps 5.09
  10. Taylor Barwick DNS

Short Course Trucks

Our big Short Course class continues to pull the crowds, and provide some excellent performances.  Scott Guyatt had a clear edge on the field tonight to set TQ, but behind him Andrew Green was returning to form and battling Sam Wells, and newcomer to the class Steve Madziara. Further back both Scott Kopriva and Sam Leeder fought their way into their first A final for the class, while Peter Hutton backed up his last start A final appearance to qualify in 7th into the A once again.

In the B final there was plenty to see. Alex Dadson led for the most part, but was never far ahead of key rivals James Atkinson and Aaron Peck. Both these guys actually took a turn up front mid-way through the race before Dadson stamped his authority on the race and drive an excellent last couple of minutes to steel away the win.

  1. Alex Dadson 15 laps 5.03
  2. James Atkinson 15 laps 5.14
  3. Aaron Peck 15 laps 5.19
  4. Taylor Barwick 14 laps 5.17
  5. Ian Scott 13 laps 5.07
  6. Steve Potter 9 laps 5.25

In the A final Guyatt got a clean start and went on for a flag-to-flag win. Behind him however, there were all sorts of shenanigans. Brickwood got the best of the start and laid down some quick laps to consolidate an early second place, before first Sam Wells, and then Greenie got to grips with the slick track and started moving their way forward.  Madziara chimed in as well, finding his way around with the Traxxas Slash to start moving forward. Greenie it was who was most consistent and pulled out a break on his pursuers, with Madziara and Wells fighting for the final podium spot – a battle only resolved on the final lap when Madziara slid by for the position and held on in a blanket finish.

  1. Scott Guyatt 19 laps 5.10
  2. Andrew Green 18 laps 5.13
  3. Steve Madziara 17 laps 5.08
  4. Sam Wells 17 laps 5.08
  5. Chris Brickwood 17 laps 5.11
  6. Scott Kopriva 16 laps 5.07
  7. Dave Holloway 16 laps 5.11
  8. Peter Hutton 16 laps 5.12
  9. Josh Fogarty 15 laps 5.20
  10. Sam Leeder 14 laps 5.04

Round two of the series takes place Thursday 22nd July. Whether you’re a regular of a first time racer, you’re very welcome to join us.

A reminder that club memberships are now open, and that after the next race meeting the points will only be accrued by club members.  Hit the “Documents” page on the top menu to download your membership form, and either post it in with payment to Launceston R/C c/- 30 Andrea Pl Riverside 7250, or bring it with you on the 22nd.

I think my fingers have just thawed out now….nearly 2 1/2 hours after racing finished!


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14 Responses to Race Report: Winter Series #1 (08/07)

  1. James Atkinson says:

    I had a good night out and my second podium and a newish type track from Chris for the Winter Series also i think while we are in a points events stage of our racing.
    I saw some pretty average and entertaining driving last night; i think in my opinion we should penalise the people who start to be a aggressive driver or give them a penalty at the start of the next heat/race and should reward people with a bonus point or two who has had a bad start of the night then getting onto the podium if they get a good run up the grid through the night!

    • scottg says:

      Hi james,

      It’s all part of learning to race that many of us are going through, that accidents happen. Over the next little while we’ll start to introduce some thoughts about the ‘etiquette’ of racing – how to pass people, how to let people lap you, what to do if you accidentally crash into someone, or cut a corner – that sort of thing. Keep an eye on the website here for some guidelines.

      I’m very keen for Launceston R/C to be a great place to race. Excellent facility, good organisation, competitive but fair racing, relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

      Good to have you with us!

      • James Atkinson says:

        Cheers Scott, Im not sure if you saw a few incidents last night that one driver in the A SCT Final even in the first race that Paddy stopped that race for 2 #8Cars that he was on his own and he short-cutted turn 2 hair-pin!
        Also some silly driving when people are lining up on the grid: Im sittitng in my grid and someone pushed me into the person infront of me and i had to pushed them out of the way so both of us has to reset our cars on the grid(I was on Race Mode on my Car: No Reverse) and while practiseing for last night i was taking my line into the table-top and a buggy ran into the side of me and broke my rear-hub-axle carrier and i thought i was out for the night!
        Thanks to Sam Leeder’s Dad and Josh for the spare part and tools that i forgot to bring with me last night and Graham for his motor! L8r James

  2. Peter Hutton says:

    Had a great night guys (but expensive) one battery and one novak esc up in smoke….ah well at least i was still able to finish the night. Hopefully back out with the new tourer as well next meet pending finances for a new esc and some batteries. Got home around midnight and was still freezing dont think i thawed out till i got up at 4am with the wife b4 she went to work…..

    PS…Ang ( aka Da Wife) hopes you all enjoyed the muffins

  3. Greenie says:

    Once again, GREAT write up from master Stotty G, thanks to Chris B for getting out there early to give use a new track to wheel around for the night, Dav H, thanks for the laptop as always, Paddy and Scott G for the number punching, Ang for the muffins(they where great!) Graham for the coffee setup, much need by some i’d say by the mountain of cold people out there last night! (I didn’t think it was that cold). goods nights racing , looking foward to the next meet!

  4. Dave says:

    Great night !!! Thanks again Club Committee for a great event 😉

    What a night of racing.
    The best yet.
    It was an interesting mix in the Big Bangers with a lot of traffic to deal with.
    Well done to Paddy and Rocket for pushing me all the way.
    How Rodney cleans up with a non-race car is beyond me.
    One could only imagine what he could do in top end Buggy/Truggy.
    Well done mate.
    Team Splattered Paddy provided the most thrilling battles to date.
    A lot of Fun to duel with and really made the night 🙂

    Looking forward to next time guys!!!

    I think we need to look at those who deliberately short lap.
    I think a warning then lap deduction is the only way to stamp this out quick.
    I would like to also like to ban Vuvuzelas. It’s only a matter of time before all the spectators are buzzing and driving us all nuts 😉

  5. scottg says:

    Leave it with me gents, I’ll take care of it.

    vuvuzelas….who invented those things!

    • Greenie says:

      “The origin of the term vuvuzela is disputed but was first used in South Africa from the Zulu language or Nguni dialect meaning to make a vuvu sound (directly translated: vuvu-ing). Controversies over the invention arose in early 2010. South African Kaizer Chiefs fan Freddie “Saddam” Maake claimed the invention of the vuvuzela by fabricating an aluminium version in 1965 from a bicycle horn and has photographic evidence of himself holding the aluminium vuvuzela in the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s.”

  6. James Atkinson says:

    After last nights racing; If we do get more people involed i think we shold have some racing stewards (Like the V8s) standing at one or two places around the track (Tighter Sections) to watch people short-cut or any other aggressive type driving then penalise them for the next race or heat! L8r James

    P.s Also i came from an Car Racing background aswell too Scott!

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