A big day for Australia & Launceston R/C race report!

Strickland eats concrete!

On the day when Australia exited the World Cup, and gained its first female prime minister…..the real action took place in a little shed just outside Launceston, as 40 competitiors did battle at the latest race meeting for the fledgling Launceston R/C club.

Rodney Houghton (Tourer), Steve Madziara (Buggy), Ben Wilson (Novice), Paddy Hume (8th EP Offroad) and Scott Guyatt (Short Course) were the winners on a busy night at the race track.

Hit the “read more” link for the full story.  Photos in the story courtesy Bart, and stay tuned for more from first time visitor Justin Strickland who I spied snapping away.  Full race results are uploaded here


With not quite enough entries for either class to run separately tonight, we combined our 10th Buggy and Novice classes tonight. The result was some pretty busy on-track action, with the Novice guys absolutely serving it up to the more experienced racers.  Out in front it was a battle between Rocket and Steve Madziara – with Rocket getting the TQ spot, but Steve snapping at his heels. Behind these two were some stirring performances from less experienced drivers, with Michael Peck, Scott Kopriva, Ben Wilson and John Silczak all fast at various times.

The final started out as a battle between Steve and Rocket, before a mid-race brain snap from Rocket and a handful of slow laps in a row left the very consistent Madziara out front, and Rocket buried mid pack.  Ben Wilson was as usual fast with his Mini-Revo and came through for second after a top battle with Michael Peck – Peck finishing an excellent third.  Rocket was fourth at the finish line.

Buggy Placings:

  1. Steve Madziara 18:5.08
  2. Rocket 16:5.07
  3. Scott Kopriva 13:5.00
  4. Andrew Barrett DNS

Novice Placings

  1. Ben Wilson 17:5.15
  2. Michael Peck 16:5.01
  3. Kyle Denman 15:5.14
  4. John Silczak 15:5.21
  5. Steve Willis DNS

8th Big Bangers

Dave Holloway en route to the TQ position

Our big monster-horsepower 8th scale class are definitely spectacular. Watching the guys trying to put all that horsepower to the ground, and thread the big machines through the twistier parts of the track is very definitely impressive.  Most impressive during qualifying tonight was Dave Holloway. The RC8Te is shortly to be replaced by a more nimble buggy, but in its last outing the truggy was flying. Paddy Hume chased hard to sit alongside Dave on the grid for the finals, with Josh Fogarty and Darren Walters also close up.

Josh Fogarty in action

Come finals time, and Paddy dominated. He got a clean start while Holloway hooked the rope, and from there steadily pulled away, eking out a few tenths per lap for a thoroughly deserved victory. Our President was a happy man after that race, finishing up nearly eight seconds clear of Holloway, and with Walters securing third after a race-long duel with the very well driven monster truck of Aaron Peck.

  1. Paddy Hume: 19:5.05
  2. Dave Holloway: 19:5.13
  3. Darren Walters: 17:5.12
  4. Aaron Peck: 17:5.15
  5. Steve Willis: 12:5.21
  6. Ian Scott: 11:5.12
  7. Josh Fogarty: 10:5.07
  8. Graham Viney: DNS


With Graham Viney debuting his new (second hand) XRAY touring car, the mini driving duo of Rocket and Andrew “Bart” Barrett would come under serious threat tonight.  Viney shadowed Rocket during qualifying, taking one win, and lining up in second place alongside the very experienced Rocket.  Bart and Peter Hutton would share row two of the grid.

The final started out in scintillating form – with Viney, Rocket, Bart and John Scott a high speed freight train before first Bart, then John made small mistakes to let Viney and Rocket slip away. Rocket was the model of patience, tucked up under Viney’s rear bumper and waiting for the mistake that eventually came – Rodney able to make the most of his opportunities and prove devestatingly fast in the last minutes to take the win from Viney, Bart and John Scott fourth in what was easily his best run of the night.

  1. Rocket: 29:5.07
  2. Graham Viney: 28:5.08
  3. Bart: 27:5.15
  4. John Scott: 25:5.06
  5. Peter Hutton: 22:5.03
  6. Ian Scott: DNS
  7. Evan Cornelius: DNS

Short Course Trucks

Strickland was fast first-time out, here leading Guyatt during qualifying

Another big field of Short Course Trucks tonight, with 16 trucks fronting the starter.  Up front it was Scott Guyatt, Sam Wells, and first timer (but experienced nitro buggy racer) Justin Strickland trading fast times and race wins, but with a very tight midfield battling for A final positions, qualifying proved entertaining. Kudos to Peter Hutton, fighting his way into the A final with some strong consistent qualifying performances.

In the B final we saw a fantastic race with four trucks right in the mix for most of the run.  First Alex Dadson, the Chris Madziara and finally Sam Leeder took the front position, with Scott Kopriva lurking nearby for much of the race as well.  Sam eventually broke free with a couple of minutes to run, and put his head down to record some fast, mistake free laps for  a well deserved B final win.  Could Sam be the next to make his mark by qualifying into the A final? We’ll see!  Dadson recovered from the mid-race blues for second, with Chris Madziara a fine third on what was his first outing in the SC class.  B final placing were:

  1. Sam Leeder: 17:5.18
  2. Alex Dadson: 16:5.01
  3. Chris Madziara: 16:5.11
  4. Scott Kopriva: 16:5.15
  5. James Atkinson: 14:5.15
  6. John Scott: 9:3.09
  7. Ian Scott: 3:1.13
  8. Steve Potter: DNS

Paddy Hume won the Big Bangers class....couldn't quite hit the same form in SC

In the A final of Short Course, Scott Guyatt got a blinding start and with some big tangles in the pack, that was essentially that. Of much more interest was Sam Wells and Justin Strickland battle for second and third with Strickland fast early to make Wells work for it. Sam got by Justin mid-race and finished off with a string of fast times to be comfortably second, Strickland third. Peter Hutton showed his qualifying form to be no fluke with an excellent fourth place in the A final just reward for a strong night’s racing.  It was in fact a tight mid-field, with just 14 seconds separating 3rd through 7th at the death.

  1. Scott Guyatt 20:5.05
  2. Sam Wells 19:5.07
  3. Justin Strickland: 17:5.01
  4. Peter Hutton: 17:5.04
  5. Dave Holloway: 17:5.09
  6. Patrick Hume: 17:5.13
  7. Josh Fogarty: 17:5.15
  8. Andrew Green: 16:5.11

Big night of racing….but plenty more to come.  Next time will be the first of our Winter Points Series – a 6 race series that takes us through July, August and September. Stay tuned for more details on the series format, and we’ll see you at Rutherglen on Thursday July 8th.


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19 Responses to A big day for Australia & Launceston R/C race report!

  1. Mark Rayner says:

    Ah I love the picture of Stricko making a mess of the jump 😉

    Will have to try and make it down one night, looks like good fun.

  2. Peter Hutton says:

    Gr8 pics Bart…..good work.

    Had a ball last night with better than expected results……hmmmm now to find the extra tweak to go faster. Hopefully new tourer be here for next meeting…..so the Hyper 10 up for sale as of now if anyone interested..great car for learning….
    Cheers to all that help make this happen….it just keeps getting better n better.
    My wife Ang came for the first time and had a blast and will be back…thx to all that made her welcome


  3. Katrina says:

    Great night by all racer’s just get’s better and better every meeting. Nice to see new face’s all the time.
    Welcome to Peter’s wife Ang glad she had a great time. Watch out Peter she might take over the racing on you.
    The coffee stall last night made $28.00 for the club thanks to all that supported it. Will be their next race meeting if everyone would like it.

  4. Justin Strickland says:

    Have uploaded some photos, you can find them here:


    Needs a password to look at them which is “password”

    Let me know if you can’t access it.

  5. James Atkinson says:

    I’d just had an average day at the office but i had a ball seeing my car up on one or maybe two wheels through the night and a couple of rollovers!

    I had my new motor in last night so i didnt give it a good run-in before the race meeting but i’ll see how i go with it at Paddy place! L8r James

  6. Dave says:

    Great meet Guys.
    Thanks to Paddy and Scott for another well run event.
    Great to see Justin come down and great to see him find some speed on his first outing.
    Well Done!!
    Also a big well done to Paddy for showing us what the Big Bangers are all about.
    With the constant pressure he still had the nerve to keep the Buggy on 4 wheels and take the win.
    Looking forward to next time I can make it 😉
    I’m not expecting miracles but would like to apply some pressure.

    See ya all Sunday, weather is looking good folks!!!

    • Paddy says:

      Thanks Dave 😉 You will give me a run for my money next time no doubt!! Looking forward to see what you come up with…
      Great meet all round guys! Loving the interest in the racing!!
      Top Stuff….
      See you all that’s coming tomorrow!! 😀

  7. Peter Hutton says:

    think i contributed too much to the coffee machine…lol

  8. Josh Fogarty says:

    great meet on Thursday guys….. i think i have gotten allot better since i started….. looks like Justin is another person to go on scotts competition list he is a great racer.

  9. Greenie says:

    Ok, been watching too many SC vid’s on the net, can we make a wall ramp….PLEASE???!?!!??!!!

  10. Paddy says:

    Haha I’m with you Greenie!! Would be mad fun….

  11. Dave says:

    YES!!! Lets.

  12. Greenie says:

    come on paddy, we’ll messure up on thursday and start building!!!!!!!!!
    yeah baby, yeah!!!!

  13. Dave says:

    Where abouts are we thinking.
    Over the far side of the track off the diagonal from the tabletop?

  14. Greenie says:

    ANYWHERE!!!!!! LOL!!!
    (hadn’t really thought that far!)

  15. Dave says:

    The new animal is built.
    First impressions are very good.
    Very nice power and delivery 🙂
    Fingers crossed now my tires turn up.
    Not keen at all of ruining a brand new set of off-road tires on the track.
    Hopefully see you all Thursday.

  16. Paddy says:

    I have some old worn out tyres you can use Dave 😉
    Looking forward to reuniting our epic battles! 😀

  17. Dave says:

    Sweet, thanks mate!!
    Be just like old times 😉

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