Stepping up the race organisation

We’re pumped that so many people are enjoying racing with us at Launceston R/C. But we want to make it even better.

Ultimately we’re working towards transponder lap counting (far more accurate than what we do now…..and a little easier on the brain of our race control team), but that’s some biggish bucks.

In the meantime, there are a couple of things we’re hoping to do to help make our nights run a little more smoothly, and help you enjoy things a little more.  Perhaps you can help us make these wishes happen sooner rather than later:

1. Printing Race Results:  We’d like to be able to print grid lists and race results.  Anyone have a simple, mono printer they’re not using? (probably inkjet, but laser ok – main interest is running costs (toner/ink costs p/page).  Know anything? Shoot scott an email

2. Crystal board/race results board: No point printing race results if we don’t have somewhere to display them. We’re aiming for a board attached to the back of the driver’s stand, and with a series of bulldog clips….for attaching race result sheets.  On the same board we’re thinking about a line of wooden clothes-pegs with frequency numbers – to give a little more control to who is running what frequency during practice.  So we need board, nails, clips, pegs.  Steve Willis is working on this one, so if you can help, touch base with him next Thursday night.

3. Software: We’ll be upgrading our software to the full version soon (currently using a free trial version). The main benefit for race nights is that the full version includes a database – storing your name, classes, frequency etc. Makes checking in at the start of the night a much quicker process.  Cost is about $275USD for the software.  Might I also add, that if you’re not running 2.4 ghz, it is in your best interests to make sure you have more than one set of crystals for your radio. While we’re mostly managing to get everyone into a race, sometimes its forcing us to beg/borrow/steal crystals of other racers…..far better to have at least two options yourself. Crystals are cheeply available from any hobby shop – just make sure you match the band (27 mhz, 29mhz or 40mhz), and modulation format (AM or FM) of your radio. FM 29mhz crystals won’t work so good in a 27mhz AM radio! Need advice? Ask at race control next week.

If you have other suggestions for us, drop a line here in the comments.  We’re all about making this a great place to race, and doing what we can to make that the case. If you have ideas (and can help implement those ideas), we want to hear from you.



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7 Responses to Stepping up the race organisation

  1. Peter Hutton says:

    Contact me regarding a printer, i have a HP printer/scanner not very old i will donate to the club for its use.


  2. scottg says:

    Thanks Peter, you rock! I’ll be in touch.

  3. Greenie says:

    Peter, what type of HP is it??
    pending on what type it is and the price of refills, i might be able to hit the boss up for them.
    i’m going to hunt through the Graveyard at work today to see what other mono printers we’ve got kicking around.

  4. Peter Hutton says:

    its a HP F2280 scanner/printer


  5. paddy6644 says:

    I’m also in the process of making a large, lockable cupboard we can store things securely in (makes it easier for the race control team!) Saw a place where it can be fixed to the wall no worries. 😉

  6. Greenie says:

    yeah, nice one Paddy!

  7. Greenie says:

    Boss hasn’t been in a good mood of late, i’ll try him today when he gets back from the coast

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