What a Night! Race Report: Thusday 10th June

8th Big Bangers were one of the highlights of a great night's racing. Here Dave Holloway gets the early jump with Paddy Hume ranging up on the outside

What a night!  40 cars, some of our best racing ever, and we were done and gone by 10.05pm.  Thanks to everybody who came out to race, who helped out to organise, and who enjoyed a super night of racing at Rutherglen Raceway. Congrats to tonight’s winners: David Holloway (8th), Rocket (Tourer), Ben Wilson (10th/Novice) and Scott Guyatt (Short Course).

Plenty of new faces too, tonight.  Michael Peck, Chris Madziara,  Adam Tenteye, Alex Dadson and Kyle Denman all made their first appearances at Rutherglen. Welcome guys, we were glad to have you, and look forward to seeing you again.

We’re blessed to have two guys capturing excellent photos, despite poor light levels:

Full results are uploaded here. For all the rest of the news and results from tonight’s racing action, hit the “read more” link and get the goss!

8th Scale “Big Bangers”

Steve joined the Big Bangers class in his Hyper 7 conversion

Our 8th scale class came of age tonight. After growing fields recently, tonight we had 8 buggies and trucks, awesome horsepower and some of the best racing yet from the big beasts. Dave Holloway’s RC8Te was the truck to beat, but Paddy Hume (el-Presidente!) in the RC8e stayed within inches all night long – these two, plus Chris Brickwood (Losi) and Darren Walters (RC8e?) turning it on during qualifying. Paddy, Chris, Graham Viney and Steve Willis all ran 8th scale for the first time tonight.

In the final, Dave and Paddy fought hard early, before Paddy got caught up in traffic a couple too many times, and Dave slipped away. By mid-race he had eked out a 5 second lead, with Fogarty a further 5 seconds back in third place. The gaps ebbed and flowed, but nobody could touch Holloway – and he went to the line nearly 10 seconds clear in a well deserved win. Paddy likewise was fast in second place, with Fogarty’s third a reward after a chequered run through qualifying.

  1. Dave Holloway (20:5.04)
  2. Paddy Hume (20:5.14)
  3. Josh Fogarty (19:5.01)
  4. Chris Brickwood (19:5.16)
  5. Darren Walters (18:5.08)
  6. Graham Viney (17:5.11)
  7. Aaron Peck (17:5.13)
  8. Steve Willis DNF

Novice/Tenth Buggy

A full and competitive 10 car field lined up in 10th Buggy (incorporating Novice) tonight.  Once again Ben Wilson showed he’s learning very fast to be the fast man throughout qualifying, eventually securing pole position. Right alongside though, and coming on quickly was John Silczak, while first-time Rutherglen racer Michael Peck was impressing in his HSP Rocket buggy.  Michael wasn’t the only newcomer in this class – Kyle Denman, Alex Dadson and Adam Tenteye also having their first run.

The final was a ripper. Ben’s Mini-REVO was dynamic, and looks spectacular as it wheelstands its way around. Ben was harassed throughout by Michael Peck, with the gap never more than a handful of seconds as the two battled through traffic until the end. Wilson hung on to win from Peck, with Bart recovering from several tangles on a busy race track to bring the Losi Sprintcar home in 3rd place.  Denman and Dadson showed they will be names to watch, finishing close behind Bart.

  1. Ben Wilson (17:5.13)
  2. Michael Peck (16:5.00)
  3. Andrew Barrett (14:5.00)
  4. Kyle Denman (14:5.22)
  5. Alex Dadson (13:5.02)
  6. Steve Willis (13:5.10)
  7. Paul Tenteye (12:5.04)
  8. Adam Tenteye (11:4.56)
  9. John Silczak (DNS)
  10. Scott Kopriva (DNS)

Touring Car/Mini

Our TC class is another that’s starting to take shape, with the level of competition improving and new cars emerging.  Tonight though, the mini-twins of Rocket and Bart had speed to burn and saw off all the TC entrants. Both went fast in qualifying, with Bart enjoying new body, motor and esc and really putting Rocket under pressure. Graham Viney was quickest of the tourers (as he often is) and didn’t let the minis have things all their own way.  Chris Madziara joined in the fun tonight for the first time….and having left with Rocket’s Traxxas Slash SC truck tucked under his arm, I think we might see Chris again!

Rocket and Bart went at it in the finals, the lead changing several times early before Rocket slipped away mid-race and on to a comfortable win.  Viney closed in on Bart after a rocky start, and came home just a couple of seconds away in third.

  1. Rocket Rodney Houghton (28:5.00)
  2. Andrew Bart Barrett (26:5.05)
  3. Graham Viney (26:5.08)
  4. Evan Cornelius (23:5.00)
  5. Richard Green (20:5.11)
  6. Ian Scott (19:5.23)
  7. Chris Madziara (DNF)
  8. John Scott (DNS)

Short Course Trucks

Greenie launches the Blitz!

As usual a big field (15 trucks) put on some great racing tonight.  Qualifying was all Scott Guyatt at the front, with Sam Wells and Rocket getting closer and closer as the night wore on.  It’s worth watching these experienced guys thread their SC trucks through the current high speed Rutherglen layout.  In the B qualifying group, both Sam Leeder (first time out with an SC truck) and Scott Kopriva were going fast, while Daniel Bastick and Richard Castigan running outlaw SC trucks looked spectacular.

In the B final, Scott Kopriva (SC10) put together a speedy race to dominate, winning comfortably from an impressive James Atkinson, while John Scott got home third….and happy to finish having battled mechanical issues earlier in the night.

  1. Scott Kopriva (16:5.04)
  2. James Atkinson (14:5.19)
  3. John Scott (13:5.05)
  4. Taylor Barwick (13:5.08)
  5. Ian Scott (12.5.07)
  6. Richard Castigan
  7. Daniel Bastick

The A final was epic. Definitely our best SC race yet at Rutherglen, and a sight to behold. Rocket, Wells and Guyatt got away fast, with Sam scooping a small lead after Guyatt hacked Rocket brutally ( 😉 ) but sportingly waited.  A minute in and Wells held down a small lead from Guyatt and Rocket.  The next four minutes saw the lead see-saw as both drivers laid on great passing moves on one another, and seemed joined by an invisible rubber band – neither able to break away. Finally on the second last lap Wells made the tiniest error, clipping a rope and allowing Guyatt to slip through to a win. Great race!

  1. Scott Guyatt (20:5.13)
  2. Sam Wells (19:5.02)
  3. Rocket (18:5.00)
  4. Andrew Greenie Green (18:5.10)
  5. Josh Fogarty (17:5.01)
  6. Sam Leeder (16:5.13)
  7. Dave Holloway (DNS)
  8. Steve Madziara (2wd buggy – DNS)

Special mention to Sam Leeder – Sam made the Short Course A final tonight on his first time out with a new Traxxas Slash.  Sam’s story is a good one – learning fast as he applies himself to this new sport. We first met Sam back in February at our first race meeting, and we’re delighted and excited by how quickly he’s improving. Bring it on Sam!

That’s it. 40 cars, awesome racing.

More in two weeks…..be there!


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19 Responses to What a Night! Race Report: Thusday 10th June

  1. joshua fogarty says:

    great night every one…. would love to see some pictures

  2. Dave says:

    Thanks again guys!!
    Home at last 😉

    Looking forward to the next meet.
    Things are really heating up.

  3. Peter Hutton says:

    Sounds like was a awesome nights racing….unfortunately was unable to be there
    But all things going to plan will be up n about for the next meeting…..was hard having to be at home last night and not racing.

    Good to hear even more new racers turning up…….never enuff
    see u all soon


  4. Paddy says:

    Thanks Scott for your as always awesome write up! And Dave… Next time mate… I’m gunnin for ya!! Seeya in 2 weeks guys! Can’t wait! 😀

  5. scottg says:

    super shots bart….well done.

  6. Bart says:

    thanks mate. they are straight of the camera with no editing lol

  7. acko82 says:

    What a night for me first podium finish at Rutherglen! All i did was changed the car to hard set-up, a different pinion and spur set up for a test run and my new set of BFG tyres last night and it ran well!

    But the only upset was the Prographix body still had the protective film on it and i lost all of my stickers but ive ordered some more to re-do the body! L8r James
    P.s Thanks Graham for lending me your motor too!

  8. ian says:

    Another great turnout new drivers and cars. done more laps with the tourer little bit different to drive.But the revo will be there next meeting. Thanks Scott and Paddy for running the show

  9. Katrina says:

    To Scott and Team
    Well done for another great nights racing. Is always a pleasure to watch and enjoy the company of friends.

  10. Heavy says:

    Great to see you guys having so much fun – as you get further into teh hobby I hope you can all remember that- we do it for fun.

    Hopefully I’ll get to Tassie again later this year and looking forwward to racing there again – if I can borrow a car off Scott.


  11. Katrina says:

    To the President Paddy
    I have an urn here if it is possible to set up somewhere on a table somewhere at indoor racing for hot coffee, milo, tea was thinking $1.00 per cup help your self and the proceeds to go to the club. If you would like Graham and I to organise that would be fine. Katrina and Graham

  12. Paddy says:

    Milo! I love Milo! Good idea Katrina, I can’t see it being a problem! If you don’t mind takig care of it it would be a great help. Certainly a great way of keeping warm… Is it Thursday week yet?? 😉

    • Katrina says:

      Sorry Paddy no it isn’t Thursday week yet. Yeah not a problem in setting it up and people can help their selfs and pay a $1.00 to raise money for the club. See you their.

  13. joshua fogarty says:

    ya not the only one paddy lol that is a great idea!!!!

  14. paddy6644 says:

    Any sign of Richards photos??

  15. scottg says:

    original story updated with link to full results, and with link to Richard’s photos (right up the top).

    Full results are here: http://www.actionrc.com.au/results_files/LRC10062010/Print_Meet_Report.html


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