Let’s Race! Thursday June 10th

Racing is on again this coming Thursday night, June 10th.  We’re set for more full-throttle on-track action as electric trucks, buggies, touring cars and minis get set to do battle once again.

We’re expecting another bumper Short Course field, together with plenty of competition in 10th buggy, 8th buggy and tourer/mini classes.  We continue to hear stories of new cars, and new racers preparing to join the action….so get there early, it could be big!

We’re pleased to welcome Matt, Faye & Scott back this week from their interstate adventures, and look forward to seeing whether the heat of big race battle has sharpened their skills.

Drop by the comments section here and let us know if you’re racing, and what you’re bringing to the competition this week….


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Scott Guyatt is husband, father, brother, son, friend, disciple, runner, cyclist and story-teller
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24 Responses to Let’s Race! Thursday June 10th

  1. ian says:

    looking forward to thursday night .With the revo out of action with a cooked esc it will be a debut of a hpi tourer.PS its not fast with standard running gear.

  2. Ben says:

    Me, Paul, Steve, and Johnny will all be there again, as well as 2 more first timers Adam and Kyle…
    Is it Thursday tomorrow?, No…… Damm

  3. Peter Hutton says:

    Unfortunatly unable to be there this week due to just having knee surgery, but recovery going well so on track for the one after tho……cant wait got itchy throttle finger aready.
    By the way well done to Matt n Scott on their recent venture to the big smokes to race


    PS….good luck to all thursday night…happy racing

  4. Dave says:

    Looking forward to hopefully making an appearance this week to defend in Big Bangers.
    Don’t really fancy my chances, but hey, it sure would be fun 🙂

  5. Paddy says:

    I shall be there with a new ride. Mixing it up in a popular growing class 😉 can’t wait!!

  6. joshua fogarty says:

    i will be there with my buggy and new sc10 i think dad might even be racing the slash??!!

    see ya all there

  7. acko82 says:

    I might give the Summit for a run if i get the diff fixed intime and its 50/50 for the Slash and im going to give the new body a run! L8r James

  8. Greenie says:

    yeah? wow

  9. scottg says:

    Ladies and gentlemen…..an announcement…..

    Rutherglen have been contacted by the body corporate of the residential village and ask that no cars be parked in the laneway outside the racetrack area (where many of us currently park). The body corporate own the laneway, so it’s not so much a request as a direction.

    All car parking is in the car park at the rear of the stadium. We’ll have the large roller door near the cricket nets opened so that you can bring gear in that side.

    Thanks for your assistance…and please let others know if you’re talking to them.

    This is not a hard thing for us to do, it’s about being good neighbours…and making sure we’re welcome at Rutherglen for a long time.


  10. Bart says:

    well the mini is set to go with a new power plant. to try and keep up with rocket. sprint car may have new power. just waiting on the motor. speedy is here but motor was on back order. 😦

  11. joshua fogarty says:

    got bigger battery now for buggy so look out 1/8 hope it doesnt bend the shock again though??

  12. joshua fogarty says:

    hey bart if u want i can bring a servo for u to borrow for the night if u want

  13. Bart says:

    sorry dave i won’t use those tower pro servo’s.
    it’s cool josh running 3 classes is a bit hard lol

  14. Dave says:

    Yeah I hear ya Bart, I’m talking just for a short-term fix.

  15. joshua fogarty says:

    hey everyone got my sc10 hoped up with a new body. got RPM arms all round aswell, and some switch tires on some one piece rims..

  16. ian says:

    not long to go for racing and carnage.see everyone there

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