Racing Lines: Short Course Action

This month’s edition of Racing Lines magazine is out this week and includes an overview of Short Course racing, and a full review of the HPI Blitz SC truck.  The track test for the Blitz took place at Paddy’s Hillwood Raceway, scene of regular outdoor EP offroad action the last Sunday of each month.  Grab your copy from a newsagent to read all about it!


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11 Responses to Racing Lines: Short Course Action

  1. Paddy says:

    What day Scott?? I couldn’t find it anywhere today… 😦

  2. scottg says:

    Hi Paddy, subscriber copies arrived this week (I think Tuesday or so), so newsagent copies shouldn’t be far behind. Look for the orange Blitz on the front cover.

  3. acko82 says:

    I was going to get one but im still keeping an eye out for it and i reckon it would be a good read for me just only have had 5 races with my slash! L8r James

  4. joshua fogarty says:

    is there racing at paddys this weekend or the next

  5. Paddy says:

    Both! Well this Sunday is just a bit of a bash day. but your welcome to come. May even be lap timing there, so a few races could be organized…
    But May 30th is the actual race day,

    • joshua fogarty says:

      not sure if coming it is up to my dad but we will soon find out

      • joshua fogarty says:

        will be there tomorrow paddy how much people are u expecting to bash lol

      • ian says:

        Josh this is a question aimed at your Farther that venom 2.4ghz has no range less than 10 meter then it looses steering and power what can you suggest or any other people Thanks

  6. joshua fogarty says:

    ummm. u can give it back to us on thursday if would like as i have no ideas…. sorry for the inconvenience

  7. acko82 says:

    Theres 2 copies at Kings Meadows Newsagency the one on the main drag of kings meadows; i had a quick look throught it since im waiting on my pay to go in so i can grab a copy! L8r James

  8. acko82 says:

    Ive got one from Birchalls and theres 3 left if one anyone wants a copy! L8r

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