Racing this Thursday: 13th May

Racing continues to build in intensity and enjoyment at Launceston R/C’s Rutherglen Raceway this Thursday night 13th May.

There’s plenty of interest as usual in our ever improving field of Short Course trucks, with at least one new face this week as Matt Hodgetts makes the move into SC behind the wheel of a Team Associated SC10, while front-runner Rocket updates his Traxxas Slash to a HPI Blitz in search of even more speed. We hear there are another one or two SC pilots in the wings and look forward to this class continuing to grow.

Sam Wells is spearheading growing interest in the Touring Car class, with the flat-track guys gradually getting to grips with the setup and driving style needed to make these super-fast cars work.

The “Buggy” battle between Rocket’s Lazer and el-Presidente Paddy Hume’s AE B44 should be something to see too. Paddy will be determined to turn the tables on Rocket who was very fast last time out.

Our Novice class continues to grow in popularity, and I’m sure that we’re going to see new faces this week, and also a new vehicle for Faye Hodgetts. Faye’s micro sized RC18t might be retired in favour of something, shall we say, a lot bigger!

All in all, we’re looking forward to a super race meeting.  Doors will open this week at 5pm, but with the first our spent re-setting the track layout, expect to be able to get on-track for practice from the usual time of 6pm, with racing starting from 7.

If you’re intending to be there, but know you’ll be arriving after 7, drop me an e-mail, leave a comment here or sms 0407783243 with your class and frequency details.


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13 Responses to Racing this Thursday: 13th May

  1. Dave says:

    Looking forward to it!!!!
    I will see if Jack and wants to come along with his SC10 as well.
    I will be there with the biggest and baddest machine of them all as well as the Short Course.

    See you all there.

  2. joshua fogarty says:

    i will be there with my kyosho inferno and my traxxxas slash as i have just upgraded all i can on the truck to alluminium. looking on getting a carbon fibre chassis to lower its center of gravity as well…

  3. acko82 says:

    I’ll be there getting the track ready at 5pm! And i going to see how well the Slash goes with the deans plugs are on the concrete surface!

    Im getting a touring car soon but im not sure what to get thought and there’s one in mind that im getting but im keeping it to my self!

    • acko82 says:

      Ive forgot to ask: Are we allowed to have drifting R/c cars at Rutherglen asewll? Thanks James

  4. ian says:

    Looking forward to it.The e-revo has got the 2200kv motor in it and 14.8 volt going through it. See you all there.

  5. scottg says:

    Hi James,

    In theory drift cars are fine. In practice we’d need to figure out how to incorporate them. They can’t really run with the other “grip” classes because they’re so much slower around the track it creates an accident hazard. If we get a few drift cars we can run a heat maybe?

    The format of drifting means its hard to work them into a race meeting – and I’m not aware of any clubs that run both drift and regular racing in the same program.

    So in theory yes, but in practice we have some issues to overcome.


  6. acko82 says:

    Thanks Scott! I was looking through tower hobbies for a good touring car and all i saw was sports, rally and drift cars but i’d rather stick to a touring or sports car instead and easier to manage that class than incorporating an extra class to Launceston R/c! Thanks Again James

  7. scottg says:

    Hi James,

    If you want a ready-to-run touring car, check out the HPI Cyclone S as a pretty good option, or an XB (Expert Built) Tamiya TA05 if you can find one. These would be pretty good starting points for trying out touring cars.

    Another alternative is a Tamiya Mini. Andrew’s mini is pretty quick around Rutherglen, and they are cheap to run.


    PS:In other news (for everybody, not just James), I’m hearing we might be seeing another well known driver back in SC this week, plus a rookie or two. Should be a super night! Don’t forget to come earlier if you can to help re-set the track layout.

    • acko82 says:

      Thanks Scott for the best cars to have also im shopping around first then i’ll see how i go! Theres one at Ulverstone that im keen on and my number one tip is: Shop around first then grab one that you like! See ya tonight folks James 🙂

  8. Paddy says:

    And i know of another one you maybe unaware of too Scott!
    My pick is 20 SC Trucks tomorrow night!!!
    MAYHEM!!! 😉

  9. scottg says:

    oh really? do tell paddy!

  10. Paddy says:

    Scott K in another SC10…

  11. ian says:

    Looks like tonight will be a huge night for the sc trucks.Let the mayhem and carnage start.

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