EP Dirt Trackin’ – This Sunday

Once monthly dirt track EP offroad racing continues the last Sunday of each month – that’s this Sunday August 25th.

Racing takes place at Paddy’s place at Hillwood.  Hit Patrick up for the address details on 0438059735.

Racing starts from 10am, on a super little dirt track, with improvements since last month including a watering system to keep dust down and grip up.

Classes for Short Course trucks, and mixed EP buggies.



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7 Responses to EP Dirt Trackin’ – This Sunday

  1. Paddy says:

    Don’t think the watering system will be required this meet! Weather so far look alright, I will update on track conditions tomorrow after all this heavy rain we’ve had. But at this stage we are a GO!! 😀

  2. Paddy says:

    Just spent 3 hours down at the track getting ready for tomorrow, its in top condition at the moment, probably the best Ive had it! Only a couple soggy patches that soon broomed away… Traction is awesome also. Weather is good tomorrow, so see you all track side!! 😉

  3. joshua fogarty says:

    awesome day today top track conditions… i was really really happy with my driving today i suppose i will have to change the setup back to a hard surface setup…. all in all it was a great day…..

  4. acko82 says:

    I was happy with my second b-class final also i was impressed how my Slash went only my third time out and the BF Goodrich tyres did a good job getting me there!

  5. Paddy says:

    What an awesome days racing was had at the little Hillwood R/C Raceway!!
    With numbers slightly down than usual, the action certainly wasn’t. 9 SC drivers and 6 misc EP drivers would face the starters gun, in what was to be the best track conditions to date. SC was insane, as traction was the best its ever been, it could’ve been anyones race. Stand out performances we’re from Josh and James in SC and Sam with his 4wd buggy. A spectacular battle of David vs Goliath was had in the Misc class between, Dave’s massive RC8Te and Paddy’s tiny B44… And in SC the concrete king Rocket was done for as he struggled to dial in the Traxxas!!! :-O


    Misc EP Offroad:
    1. Dave
    2. Paddy
    3. Rocket
    4. Sam
    5. Josh
    6. Ian

    SC B-Main:
    1. Ian
    2. James
    3. Taylor (ginger)
    4 Dylan

    SC A-Main:
    1. Paddy
    2. Jezza
    3. Josh
    4. Dave
    5. ROCKET

  6. acko82 says:

    How did i go outright for the SC trucks and Any Videos or Pictures? Thanks James

  7. ian scott says:

    Great day again at Hillwood race course. Very good racing and a nice and damp track.Keep the up the good work with the track Paddy.

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