Big Time Action! Race Report 22/04

Tonight saw the biggest night of racing yet at Launceston R/C’s new indoor raceway.  A total of 32 cars faced the starters gun, and with several regulars missing tonight, that means we’re now up to almost 40 different drivers that have been on track at Rutherglen.  Just 6 race meetings into our venture, those are numbers we’re pretty excited about!

New drivers tonight included Paul Tenteye and John Silczak in Novice buggy, Steve Madziara in 10th Buggy, Paul Saltmarsh in Tourers, and Jeremy Lunson, James Atkinson, Daniel Bastick, Richard Cattigan and Mark Harris running Short Course trucks.  As well as all those first timers, it was great to see Faye Hodgetts, Ben Wilson, Steve “Stickman” Willis back for their second appearances.

Race winners tonight included Ben Wilson (Novice), Andrew “Bart” Barrett (Tourer), Matt Hodgetts (Buggy), Josh Fogarty (Short Course B) and Scott Guyatt (Short Course A).  Click through to the rest of the story on how the races were won….


A mixed heat of mostly 10th and a couple of 8th scale buggies tonight saw some entertaining racing.  Out front Matt Hodgett’s stunningly quick Team Associated RC8e was turning in some very fast times, and making it impossible for anyone to catch him.  Matt lined up on pole position for the final, and duly went on to a good win over his (mostly) smaller opposition.  Behind him there were some cracking races between Rodney “Rocket” Houghton and Patrick “Paddy” Hume – but in the final Rocket’s Kyosho Lazer was just too strong for Paddy and finished comfortably clear in second, with Paddy rounding out the podium in his Team Associated B44 buggy.  We saw our first 2wd buggies make an appearance tonight, with Steve M and Josh Fogarty bringing a pair of Traxxas buggies out to play. Both worked well, and Steve & Josh finished fourth and fifth.  Greenie entertained everybody with the big Revo, and Scott K continued his return to R/C racing after a long time away and was getting quicker all night in his B44.


No less than seven novice (new) drivers faced the starter tonight, and not only put on some good racing, but showed that the learning is happening quickly.  Ben Wilson’s Traxxas Mini-Revo was the quickest throughout qualifying, and Ben went on to a good win in the final.  It’s worth watching Ben next time out – he wins not because his Revo is fast in a straight line (which it is, wheelstanding everywhere), but because he drives carefully and patiently, making each corner count.  Ian Scott had a tough start to the night with some frequency issues preventing a start in round one, but came on strong and drove perhaps his best race of the year to bring his big Revo home in an excellent second place.  Third tonight went to Sam Leeder, great to see Sam back on track again, and driving his 4wd buggy better each week.  Faye Hodgetts spent most of the night trying not to get squashed in the tiny Team Associated RC18t, but came home a strong fourth, ahead of first timer’s Paul Tenteye and John Silczak.  Steve Wilson returned for his second meet, sporting a new Kyosho DBX buggy, but had a few mechanical issues along the way.


Sam Wells brought out the first ‘competition spec’ touring car, putting his Schumacher Mi4 on track.  It was quick, but short lived with a nasty crash putting the Mi4 on the sidelines for the night with a deranged front suspension arm.  Sam returned with a borrowed HPI Pro4, but couldn’t quite match Bart’s super-fast Tamiya Mini.  Bart has the mini really dialed in to the Rutherglen track and pealed off a series of fast times to take an excellent win over Sam in the final.  Graham Viney is close to putting his new tourer on track, but continued with the “old girl” tonight to finished third.  Evan Cornelius was putting together some very impressive laps in a pint-sized Team Associated RC18R.  I’m giving Evan the “Junior Encouragement Award” for tonight; he drove really well.  Fifth place was Paul Saltmarsh, first time out for Paul and lots to learn, while John Scott didn’t start the final after melting a battery in his tiny HPI Micro RS4.


Short Course is definitely our main class, and with 12 trucks in attendance tonight, we were able to run two heats during qualifying, and both an A and B final.  Josh Fogarty started off the front row of the B final after a good qualifying run in his SC debut. Josh’s Traxxas Slash was too strong for his opposition, and he went on to a good B final win.  Not far behind though were fellow debutant’s Richard Cattigan and Daniel Bastick – both turning some super laps in the HPI Blitz trucks and picking up the ropes very quickly.  John Scott in the Losi Strike ran home fourth from Ian Scott’s Blitz, while we welcome James Atkinson with his Traxxas for his first race at Launceston R/C.

The A final went the way of Scott Guyatt, the Blitz working perfectly for him, and too strong all night.  Rocket’s usually dominant Traxxas Slash was misbehaving a little, but a tyre change restored some of his form, and a good second was the result. Behind him Greenie made it to the podium for the second week in a row, this time at the wheel of Chris Brickwood’s Team Associated SC10, with Greenie own truck sidelined waiting for parts.  Mark Harris show up at Rutherglen for the first time, and did a super job, driving neatly through qualifying to make the A final, and then finishing fourth – that’s a super effort. Paddy Hume had a messy final after qualifying third to finish fifth, ahead of another first-time Rutherglen racer Jeremy Lunson.

All in all a superb night of racing, with a late finish due to some early computer glitches. Once again, my apologies for those early delays.

One other note, a mobile phone went missing during the evening. If if accidentally ended up in your pit gear, or you know its whereabouts, drop me a line and I’ll pass the information on to the owner.


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31 Responses to Big Time Action! Race Report 22/04

  1. Greenie says:

    Wicked night once again!!!!
    A full night in the beginners class and 2 short course class! Great turn out!
    Once again my normal thanks to Scott, Padd, and Matt for running the computer and to David for the loan on his laptop. Good to see Jezza coming down for a spin. Good ta see ya mate!!!

  2. acko82 says:

    I had a ball in my Traxxas Slash also I didnt worry about where i came last night because i was there to have fun and having a go at a new track and last thing that i did was changed my set up on my car from soft to hard suspension or i think i lowered my ride hight according to my owners manual half way through the night but i still had fun last night!

    See Ya’s at Paddys Place! James

  3. scottg says:

    good on ya james – the main aim is to have fun, and don’t stress too much about results while you’re learning your way. enjoy that traxxas slash and your racing.

    • acko82 says:

      Also i was seeing how the batteries went compared to Latrobe, I did 2 runs on 7-Cell 3000mAh then i changed it to the 6-Cell 4200mAh for a run then aaron had a drive of it in the cricket nets then he said to me that the steering is a bit out and i gave it a test run too then i started to go flat in the last qualifier and i changed it to my new Venom 7-Cell 4200mAh battery and it went for a run in the final and it went well after that and i didnt know how long the Venom battery would last??!

  4. Josh Fogarty says:

    awesome night everyone….. one question scott, did i not qualify the the a main final

  5. scottg says:

    hey josh. You qualified seventh fastest out of 12 trucks. That’s why you started on pole position in the B final. The 6 fastest went into the A, the next 6 into the B. Mark Harris who was in the B heat during the night did a great job and qualified 5th fastest, so he was in the A final.

    Qualifying is based on your fastest race during the three qualifying heats. I don’t have the computer with me to give you the actual times from your heats, but you were the 7th fastest. Great effort on your first night in SC class, and you did a good job to win the B final.

    • joshua fogarty says:

      yep thanks for that just a bit curious couldnt keep up with brushlesses anyways….. is it true that there is going to be a stock class created

      • scottg says:

        Hi Josh,

        we have no plans to change the sC class rules.

        Up until two weeks ago a box-stock Slash with brushed motor had won every week.

        The brushless motors we’re allowing in SC are not any quicker than the stock brushed motors supplied in the slash, strike, blitz and SC10. The guys are running brushless because BL motors are consistent and maintenance free.

        We are keeping tyres tightly controlled to kit supplied tyres or proline switch as a way of minimising performance differences.

        There were a couple of new SC guys running various tyres and motors that are a bit faster than what we normall run, but next time those guys will be running the normal gear.

        You did great for your first time out in SC. 7th out of 12 trucks is pretty good going.


      • joshua fogarty says:

        alright just a rumor i heard that is all thanks

      • joshua fogarty says:

        sorry wat i ment by this was that i heard a rumor but now i know all this information i am happy… thanks for the overview….. hope i didnt make u feel like i was complaining…. josh

  6. Ian Scott says:

    Great night again of racing. Good to see some more cars and new drivers. Thanks scott, Paddy and Matt for running the meeting. The Revo held up after the technical failer and never cooked the motor.Catch everyone next time

  7. acko82 says:

    Hey Scott, Im planning to run the Traxxas 7Cell 3000mAh battery for two runs then i’ll give Venom 7Cell 4200mAh battery a run to see how well it lasts and run the 6 Cell if needed or until the Venom runs flat at Paddys on Sunday! James

  8. Scott Kopriva says:

    Great night boys a lot turning out hopefully next time i will have short course there.Also Evan had great night in 18R thanks Paddy for great job building and tuning it thanks again Scott ,Paddy for the night

  9. scottg says:

    i hear a rumour……new SC driver to make first appearance next time out….!

  10. Paddy says:

    Good to hear the new guys will be running legal gear next time.
    You coming tomorrow with that Slash Josh? 🙂

  11. acko82 says:

    I’d rather get use to my Slash and Rutherglen track before i modify my Slash to Brushless motor or i could go out and get a car with the brushless motor and it probally be in a different car too compared to my Slash!

  12. Matt says:

    Mmmmmmmmmmmmm rumors Scott. I have heard it is not his first SC appearance though. He did borrow yours the other night when his RC8 let him down !!!
    I know it will be fast because its a red one LOL . It will be on again Greenie !!!!!!

  13. Greenie says:

    ha HA!!!!!!
    BRING IT ON MATT!!!!!!!
    I’ll take Ya’ on!!!
    ………..ME, no, I’m not worried, really not, not at all, i’m all good, yeah, all cool, i can handle it, fine, all fine……..

  14. Matt says:

    Glad to see your all coooooooool about it mate. You need to give me at least a lap or maybe more head start the way that thing of yours has been going the last couple of meets. I better see if it goes sometime soon I guess. Its a shame I leave for work in the dark and get home in the dark so no driving it just yet.

  15. Greenie says:

    invest in some flood light dude!!!! then its day light all the time!!!!! LOL!!

  16. Paddy says:

    Ahh is that your secret Greenie? All that night time practice? All the more reason for sc led lighting!! Haha

  17. Greenie says:

    yeah bro!!! i drive so much better when i can see the truck!! all my flood lights are broken!!! LOL! so i just drive in the dark!!!!!!!

  18. scottg says:

    so we now have matt in an sc10, and rocket in a blitz changing things at the sharp end of the SC class. Making the final and winning just got a whole lot tougher!

  19. Paddy says:

    I’ll have my new rubber and revised setup next meet…
    BRING IT ON!!!! 😉

  20. joshua fogarty says:

    i have a new kyosho inferno ve ready to try…. also got a brushless 13.5 turn for the slash see ya next meet

  21. Matt says:

    It just so happens I have some new rubber arriving as well paddy, and a new brushless 13.5, mmmmmmmmm and a few setup changes to boot that seem to have made it a bit better to drive. Just need a Thursday night so I can try it out in anger and start to dial it in. Can’t wait.

  22. Greenie says:

    Paddy, your prays have been answered!!! i’ve got your tyres on my desk!!!

  23. Paddy says:

    There is a Santa afterall!!! Wooo 😀

  24. Greenie says:

    (( scottg (20:56:30) :

    so we now have matt in an sc10, and rocket in a blitz changing things at the sharp end of the SC class. Making the final and winning just got a whole lot tougher!))

    you got that right!!!!

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