Racing next Thursday April 22nd

We’re racing again next Thursday, April 22nd.

With news of a couple of new Short Course truck drivers nearly ready to join the action, we could be looking down the barrel of splitting to two heats of SC. If we do, we’ll run the heats separately, with the fastest going into the A final, next group into the B final.  SC racing is definitely spectacular and we’re loving it at Launceston R/C.

Other classes this week?  I reckon we’ll see a field of tourers and minis, a group of 8th scale big bangers, and our usual 10th offroad class.

Next week we’re hoping to announce details of a club general meeting. It’s time for us to start getting the club organised, planning for track improvements, thinking more about promotion and so on.  Details soon.

Hope to see you at Rutherglen next Thursday night.


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19 Responses to Racing next Thursday April 22nd

  1. Josh Fogarty says:

    should have my traxxas slash by then so expect me to be in sc aswell not sure how i will go with my first 2wd :s

    • Dave says:

      “should have my traxxas slash by then so expect me to be in sc aswell not sure how i will go with my first 2wd :s”

      Sideways!!!! Hehe.

  2. Josh Fogarty says:

    also thinking about getting a traxxas bandit to replace kyosho

  3. Greenie says:

    Hoping parts will arrive for Blitz diff, if not, i’ll only be plodding along in 1/8

  4. Ian Scott says:

    KNow how you feelling Greenie waiting for my parts for the Blitz and the Revo.
    Dividing the short course trucks would be a good idea Scott.Good to see more trucks being bought.

  5. Paddy says:

    Replace the Kyosho? Why would you wanna do that Josh!!
    Especially with a Bandit!! 😛

    • josh fogarty says:

      i already got the bandit and even know it is 2wd it handles way better than the kyosho…… btw the kyosho was going through flaming parts like water…. anyway see ya thursday

  6. Scott Kopriva says:

    Just like to say be out there with my B44 next week thanks for Paddy for doing a great job and soon be out there with alot of new toys when Paddy gets them done.

  7. Ben says:

    Will have 2 more newbies tagging along this thursday, one Kyosho DBX and a Brushless HSP 1/10…. Both even newer to the sport than me and Steve!
    Is it Thursday tomorrow? no…. Dam

  8. Ben says:

    Hi all,
    WIll have another 2 people coming with me and steve this Thursday… Both never raced before….. One driving a DBX and the other a 1/10 hsp brushless buggy!!
    Is it Thursday yet??


  9. Ian Scott says:

    The 1/8 nitro revo has been converted to electric will be there thursday night for a test run.Looking forward for more mayhem and carnage

  10. Mayhem and carnage are things I usually try and avoid on the racetrack!!

    Looks like I’m out tonight, I’ve been crook, so I won’t be back till the next meet 😦

  11. scottg says:

    Sorry to hear that Richard, get well soon and we’ll see you next time.

    Just a few hours to go folks, and I’m excited. Faster steering servo installed in the BLitz for this week….look out rocket I’m gunning for two in a row!

    We could top 10 SC trucks this week – if my maths is right, there are now 15 or 16 SC racers out there, just depends on how many might show up tonight!

    • acko82 says:

      And Im one of them to see how my slash is going to go tonight and hopefully my batteries last a bit longer tonight compred to Latrobe last weekend! See ya tonight folks James

  12. Dave says:

    Wish I could make it, but sadly not this time.
    Have fun tonight and see you all on Sunday!!!!

  13. Greenie says:

    ….still hoping parts will arrive today………….. not looking good……… =O(

  14. scottg says:

    hey greenie, I can bring the sc10 and you can run that if you want to? Just need a spare (long) sensor cable for the esc/motor, as I’ve only got one and its on the blitz….

    shoot me sms or call on 0407783243 if you want me to bring it (soon, I’m going home to pack)

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