Race Report: Thursday April 8th, 2010

On a school holiday week, a great turnout of 23 drivers faced the starters gun.  Ben Wilson (Novice), Graham Viney (Touring Cars), Matt Hodgetts (Buggy) and Scott Guyatt (Short Course) were the winners on a night that delivered some excellent racing.

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We were delighted to have four drivers making their first appearance tonight, and offered a novice class to make space for them to find their way without into the Launceston R/C racing scene. Ben Wilson was quickest of the four  and pushed his Traxxas Mini E-Revo to the top qualifier spot, with Faye Hodgetts in the mighty micro Team Associated RC18T alongside.  Steve Willis (Traxxas ST) and 6 year-old Mitchell Guyatt completed the field with his HBX Rocket 4wd buggy.

After an entertaining final, the finishing order was as per qualifying, with Wilson taking the win from Hodgetts, Willis and Guyatt.

  1. Ben Wilson – 12:5.18
  2. Faye Hodgetts – 10:5.12
  3. Steve Willis – 9:5.25
  4. Mitchell Guyatt – 7:5.08

Touring Cars

Our TC regulars Peter Hutton, Graham Viney and Richard Green were joined by Sam Wells making a cameo appearance for a couple of races tonight at the wheel of his Schumacher Mi4. It was the first time we’ve seen a full-spec competition touring car running a modified motor on track, and while Sam struggled for grip, it was still a spectacular sight.  Despite Sam’s appearance, Graham Viney (Colt) was the man in charge, setting a solid TQ time from Green (HPI) and Hutton (Hyper).

The final proved more of the same, Viney gradually eking out a lead over Green, with Richard likewise pulling away slowly from Hutton.  That’s the way they finished…in qualifying order.

  1. Graham Viney – 19:5.15
  2. Richard Green – 18:5.17
  3. Peter Hutton – 16:5.18
  4. Sam Wells – DNS


With a few of our regular buggy pilots away tonight (school holidays!), we had a mixed heat of 8th and tenth scale buggies and trucks.  While it made life a little difficult for Rocket and Paddy Hume in their 10th 4wd buggies, the racing was unquestionably spectacular.  Matt Hodgetts at the wheel of the RTR Kyosho Inferno VE was quick and neat to lock up the TQ spot from Rocket’s RTR Kyosho Lazer, and Dave Holloway’s mighty Team Associated RC8T-e.

When the hooter blew, Hodgetts jumped away to a fast start, while carnage reigned behind.    Matt was never headed and ran out the winner by just under a lap. Rocket fended off a fast Holloway early before getting away to a good second, with David hanging in there for a great third.  Greenie shelved the Revo after electrical issues, and took to the track with his SC truck to finish 4th, from Paddy Hume’s AE B44 and Aaron Peck’s Revo in a very tight 3-way battle.

  1. Matt Hodgetts – 16:5.07
  2. Rocket – 15:5.06
  3. Dave Holloway – 15:5.17
  4. Greenie – 13:5.11
  5. Paddy Hume – 13:5.13
  6. Aaron Peck – 13:5.20

Short Course

9 trucks took to the track tonight for barely organised chaos!  There was plenty of lexan traded throughout the night as drivers dealt with lots of traffic in what is unquestionably our most competitive class.  Rocket has dominated SC so far in 2010, his Traxxas Slash winning each of the four previous race meets at Rutherglen, but tonight was pushed hard.  He would be outdone in qualifying by Scott Guyatt with the HPI Blitz. Behind these two, Paddy Hume and Greenie shared row two, Dave Holloway and Peter Hutton row three.  John Scott made his first full appearance with the Losi Strike to qualify seventh ahead of Ian Scott and Taylor Barwick.

Scott and Rocket got the best of a busy (!) start to settle straight into what would be a race long battle. The lead changed regularly, and the gap was often measured in tenths of a second.  Rocket skipped away momentarily mid-race before Guyatt hauled him in again. The decisive moment came with both trucks ending up buried in a four-truck turn one pile-up. Guyatt emerged first, and got home for his first SC win at Rutherglen ahead of Rocket.  If the action from  these two wasn’t enough, behind there was plenty to enjoy.  Greenie put together his best race meeting yet to take his HPI Blitz to the podium, just a handful of seconds clear of Dave Holloway’s SC10 with Paddy Hume’s similar truck in 5th.  Hutton was speedy tonight, and put together a solid final for a close-up 6th with John Scott, Barwick and Ian Scott continuing to show improvement.

  1. Scott Guyatt – 15:5.16
  2. Rocket – 14:5.04
  3. Greenie – 14:5.14
  4. Dave Holloway – 14:5.20
  5. Paddy Hume – 13:5.08
  6. Peter Hutton – 13:5.12
  7. John Scott – 9:5.06
  8. Taylor Barwick – 9:5.10
  9. Ian Scott – 4:2.06 (DNF)

It was an enjoyable night tonight. 4 new faces, the continued improvement of drivers like Peter Hutton and Aaron Peck, the appearance at last of the Losi Strike SC truck in the hands of John Scott and Dave Holloway’s stunning RC8T-e were a few of the highlights for me. Plenty of spectators watching on, many of whom have cars at home and are considering joining the action.  All we can say is “you’re welcome, come race with us!”.

Next fortnight’s race marks the end of our three month trial at Rutherglen.  We’re delighted with the response and intend at this stage to continue on throughout the year.  Look out for news of a club meeting soon to put together some plans for the rest of 2010.

Thank for the super photos to Richard Green of www.richardgreenphotography.com.au.  Hit any of the photos to jump to the photobucket album for a heap more.

Video is also available thanks to Ben  here at youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/bearhooverpup


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5 Responses to Race Report: Thursday April 8th, 2010

  1. Greenie says:

    Wicked night guys! Thanks again to Scott and Paddy, with help from Matt Hodgetts on the computer turning over the laps for us. Thanks guys.

    Great racing in all classes once again,. Great to see a beginners class up and running, and hoping to see more of you with cars at home stepping into a class and coning out for a run. You don’t have to be fast to race, blow of the cobwebs and come out for a run, and have some fun!!!

    The Short course carnage was EPIC!!! A full field trading paint was wicked to race and should have been epic to watch!

  2. There were some great photos as well, some should appear online soon 😉

  3. Ian Scott says:

    What a battle with the short course racing.Lots of thrills and spills.Thanks scott and paddy for runnning the show and dave for the computer system.The black blitz will be back. The big buggys great two watch.Good to see a lady racing.Can not wait for next time

  4. scottg says:

    Some video footage from Ben has been uploaded. Here’s the details:

    Novice Race 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nkkQSYG4ShY&feature=player_embedded

    Novice Race 3 (It was the end of this one where Ben accidentally used Steve’s stampede as a ramp! 🙂 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZKoSUHSPbv0&feature=player_embedded

    Short Course: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0l6AqQB54yk&feature=player_embedded

    Tourers: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4NMHDd1Z3T4&feature=player_embedded

  5. Greenie says:

    Might have a couple on new guys coming next week to join in on the short cousre racing!

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