Next week: Racing Thursday 8th April

Race #5 at Rutherglen is just one week away as I write.  Next Thursday 8th April we’ll throw open the doors for some more intense R/C action.

Short course, 10th scale buggies & trucks, Big Bangers and Touring Cars will once again feature.  I’ll be bringing the Blitz to see if I can push Rocket’s Slash to the brink in Short Course. What will you be bringing?

With school holidays on this week, I’m pondering an option.  We have a few newcomers likely to arrive this Thursday, and a few young ‘uns who might appear given Friday isn’t a school day.  If we opened a little earlier than usual (say 5.30) and put on a half-hour “Novice Only” practice session, would anybody be interested in that? Our night’s timetable might look like this:

5.30 Doors open

5.45 Novice only practice session

6.15 Open Practice

7pm Racing starts

Got a mate you want to bring along for their first race meeting? My kids will be there to practice…..and maybe race.

Got an opinion on this plan? Express it here!


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5 Responses to Next week: Racing Thursday 8th April

  1. Ian Scott says:

    sounds good scott letting new and young people a chance to run without the experience to have a go.
    Rockets needs to be stopped

  2. Paddy says:

    Sounds great Scott, hope to see a few new faces next Thursday.
    Can’t wait till then…
    If Rocket isn’t too chicken I’d like a rematch in the 4wd Buggies!!
    As last meet my lipo went flat… 😉

  3. Ben and Steve (newbies) says:

    DEFINITELY more practice time the better!!!!
    Woo Hoo!!

  4. Sounds like a brilliant idea!!

    Perhaps talk to the bistro to see if we can get a free soft drink voucher or something for kids to encourage people to have a meal in there? It would be a good way to support them or giving us the space to race.

  5. Greenie says:

    yeah people!!! one more sleep!!!!!!!
    poor Rocket! everyone seems to be going for you mate!!!! must be something to do with you unbeatability!!!!!! LOL!!!
    i don’t mind you beating me mate!!! means i get better at racing!!

    keep it clean guys!! see ya’ll tomorrow night!!!

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