Getting Started: 8th Scale

Over the next few weeks, we’ll post a series of stories here on how to get started racing with us at Launceston R/C.  These stories are not designed for the super-experienced among you, but for those first getting started.  We can’t cover everything, but we hope to give you a few ideas on suitable cars for each of our racing classes.

We’ll start with a class that has generated a bit of conversation over the last few weeks as it has been introduced at our race meetings – the mixed 8th scale class.  Click through for all a few ideas on how to get started in our super-sized Big Bangers class…..

8th scale EP buggies, truggies and monster trucks have emerged in the last few years as new motor and battery technology has allowed them to match and then exceed the performance of nitro engine powered vehicles over short race distances.  You can build an EP 8th scale vehicle that is as fast as your budget is big.

Indoors at Rutherglen, massive horsepower isn’t necessary, and actually slows you down – so a more balanced approach bears fruit.  If you like the idea of racing in our “Big Bangers” class, here are a few really good ready-to-run options to consider.  The buggies will probably prove fastest, with truggies close by – while the monster trucks will turn slower lap times, but still be plenty of fun.


LRP S8-BXe: Piloted by Scott Guyatt over the last coupe of weeks this is a strong, robust 8th scale EP buggy packing everything you need to go fast.  Includes LRP’s new SPX8 esc and Vector 8 motor, and radio gear ready to rumble.  Note that the LRP electronics are designed specifically for 4s LiPo use and won’t handle more powerful 5s or 6s batteries.  LRP offer their own range of LiPo batteries that work well.  Available in Australia for under $700 ready to run (excluding batteries).

HPI Vorza Flux: The RTR buggy from HPI is a winner. Based on world championship winning D8 GP offroad buggy, this has the pedigree to go fast.  Includes HPI’s own Flux power system, this is another excellent option for those wanting to get a taste of the Big Bangers class.  Once again you bring your own battery pack, but HPI say their electronics will handle up to 6s LiPo.  We have to say, that’s going to make the Vorza way quicker than our little indoor venue will handle….so maybe stick with 4s to get started  (if all this 4s/5s/6s stuff means nothing to you, come down and chat with us about it).  Available in Australia for under $800.

There are other 8th EP buggy options too. Caster Fusion, Losi 8-e 2.0, Team Associated RC8e, Kyosho Inferno VE just to name a few.  Don’t be limited by us suggesting the LRP or HPI options above, they are just a couple of suggestions to get your imagination going.


If you prefer the bigger, badder “truggy” style of chassis, there are some good options to consider as well, though not so readily in Ready-to-Run format.  LRP have announced their S8 Tx-e will be released in May and available in Australia for less than $800 – but we haven’t seen how the electronics will handle the heavier truggy package.  The Team Associated RC8T3 kit is one option to which you can add your own electronics package.  For the moment the best electronics package seems to be Tekin’s R8 series, or the Castle Creations Mamba Monster Max packages.  Motor spec will depend on what battery choices you run.  Getting EP truggies going fast and reliably is slightly trickier than buggies, but we have a few members with plenty of experience.  Come down for a visit and ask us about going EP Truggy racing.


Your other “Big Banger” option is to go the monster truck route. Monster trucks won’t turn the same lap times as buggies or truggies, but that’s not always important.If MT is what you like, there are two clear favourites among a host of contenders:

Traxxas E-Revo is an outright monster. Big presence, big power, loads of fun.  The original version feature’s Traxxas’ own 550 sized dual brushed motors  and can be picked up quite cheaply (under $700 in Australia). The newly released version packs a Castle Creations Mamba Monster power system, handling up to 6s LiPo packs for some unbelievable grunt and topped off with Traxxas own 2.4ghz radio system for trouble free running.  Available in Australia for a little over $1000, once again you’ll need to bring your own batteries to the party.

Meanwhile HPI offer the Savage Flux. Once again it’s brushless power plant can handle up to 6s LiPo for some ridiculous horsepower in a well put-together package.  With plenty of nitro powered cousins in the Savage lineup, HPI have tonnes of option parts and are widely available in Australia at competitive pricing.  Add a set of HPI’s on-road tyres for some extra grip at Rutherglen and anything is possible.  Available for about $850 in Australia.

8th scale (Big Bangers!) racing is not for the feint-hearted. These are big, fast, powerful machines that will get your pulse racing.  There are loads more options beyond what we’ve listed here, but these are all suitable for our race track.  Buggy is perhaps the easiest, and quickest of the options, but if you’re a truggy or monster-truck fan, you are most welcome to come and race with us.

Launceston R/C….the home of miniature motor sport.


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6 Responses to Getting Started: 8th Scale

  1. Dave says:

    There has recently been a release of the RC8e and RC8Te with LRP electronics.
    Looks good for the money.


  2. scottg says:

    Thanks for the heads-up Dave, they look like a good package as well. The RC8e / RC8Te are definitely a great chassis.

  3. Great article, keep em coming. I really do have my heart set on gettiny my D8 converted, or I did before they released the Vorza. Cheaper for me to get that now and use the bits on the D8 roller for spares!

  4. Warren says:

    What’s the most popular 1/10 buggy at the races? I’m looking at getting a brushless?

  5. 1:10 4wd or 2wd? There are buggies from most major manufacturers being raced. Losi, Team Durango, Schumacher, Team Associated and more! Any vehicle from these manufacturers is hard to loose!

  6. Andrew Mack says:

    In 1/10 2wd, the Team Durango DEX210 and Team Associated B4.2/B4.1 are the most popular vehicles. There are also a couple of Losi’s and a Kyosho RB-5.
    4wd is more of a mixture with 3 or 4 Team Durango DEX410s followed by a mixture of Team Associated B44/B44.1/B44.2, a Schumacher CAT K1, Yokomo B-Max4 and Kyosho Lazer.

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