Race Report: Thursday March 25th, 2010

24 cars faced the starter’s gun in what was our biggest and best race meeting yet at Launceston R/C Raceway.  Good fields in Short Course truck, 8th scale, 10th Buggy and Tourers.  Two months into our three month trial period and all is looking good. Enthusiasm is high, and numbers are building close to the level we need to keep the R/C raceway viable.  On-track the action continues to improve with some close competition, and rapidly improving novice drivers.

If you’re keeping an eye on the action, now is the perfect time to get involved. Grab an EP buggy, truck, mini or touring car and come race with us.  Tonight we welcomed Luke Rice and John Scott for their first race meetings with us. John is an old R/C racer from way back and will improve rapidly as he gets back in the groove.

Read on for all the news…..


Chris Brickwood (SC10) came out firing in the first qualifier, determined to finally end Rocket’s unbeaten run at Rutherglen.  It all came unstuck on the final corner, Rocket (Traxxas Slash) sneaking by for the win. A second win in heat two would put Rodney on pole for the final, Chris right alongside him.  Paddy Hume lined up in three from Greenie. Peter Hutton popped a diff gear to be sidelined half-way through the night, while Matt Hodgetts joined in the SC action driving a borrowed truck after his 8th scale buggy broke.  Ian & Taylor continued the learning curve, both getting to grips with the SC trucks.

Come finals time, and Rocket got the holeshot to ease out a small lead early.  The Slash spent a bit of time on its roof, enabling Chris Brickwood to sweep by, and extend a lead. Two minutes in and Rocket’s reign was under serious threat.  One mistake though was all it took, Chris just catching a track marker and ending upside down to hand the lead back to the man who still remains undefeated.  Paddy had  a somewhat lonely race to third ahead of a ding-dong battle between Greenie and Hodgetts, Matt getting to the line in a tight tussle.  Taylor and Ian fought out a close duel also, finishing in that order.

  1. Rodney “Rocket” Houghton – 15:5.03
  2. Chris Brickwood – 15: 5.19
  3. Paddy Hume – 14:5.13
  4. Matt Hodgetts – 13: 5.??
  5. Greenie – 13:5.16
  6. Taylor Barwick – 10:5.20
  7. Ian Scott – 10:5.35
  8. Peter Hutton – DNS


Two 8th scale buggies were joined by a couple of e-Revo monster trucks for some spectacular action.  What was shaping as a battle royale between Hodgetts and Scott Guyatt came to nothing when motor problems for Matt sidelined him for the night. Guyatt would set TQ, but the real interest was in the battle between Aaron Peck and Josh Fogarty as the two e-Revo’s served it right up to each other.

Come finals time, and when Guyatt’s batteries cried “enough” early, it was down to an entertaining duel between the monsters.  Peck eventually broke free, showing the value of neat consistent driving, to scoop his first Rutherglen win, ahead of Fogarty (first time out for Josh with the e-Revo).

  1. Aaron Peck – 13:5.04
  2. Josh Fogarty – 12:5.00
  3. Scott Guyatt – 1: 0.24
  4. Matt Hodgetts – DNS

10th BUGGY

Once again, Ian Scott’s Losi stadium truck would line up against a field of 4wd buggies.  The little pocket rockets are ideally suited to the Rutherglen layout, and I think this is one class set to grow in the weeks ahead.  Rocket made his presence felt in this class, debuting the Kyosho Lazer RTR and getting the better of Patrick Hume (AE B44)  to top the qualifying pile. Anybody considering getting into some 10th buggy action should take a look at the Lazer package.  Able to be landed in Australia for under $300 ready to run, this is a good choice.  Josh Fogarty also runs the Lazer and would line up 3rd on the grid alongside Sam Leeder.  Evan Cornelius made a welcome return to qualify fifth with Scott Kopriva (Mini e-Revo) spectacular on his first run with the mini rocketship, and Ian Scott’s truck rounding out the field.

Rocket vanished.  I don’t know where he went.  He vanished.  When the Hume B44 ran out of batteries, Paddy’s main opposition was gone, and after putting on some great close driving with Fogarty, Rocket ran out a comfortable winner.  Josh was looking good for second, with Leeder driving nicely in third when a last minute collision with an errant vehicle eliminated Fogarty with a broken shock tower.  Sam too up the challenge, and drove his best race of the year to finish second, while Ian Scott’s consistency and persistence were rewarded as he rounded out the podium from Fogarty and Hume.

  1. Rodney Houghton – 14:5.05
  2. Sam Leeder – 11:5.03
  3. Ian Scott – 11:5.32
  4. Josh Fogarty – 10:5.41
  5. Paddy Hume – 8:5.19
  6. Evan Cornelius – DNS
  7. Scott Kopriva – DNS


Our biggest field in touring cars tonight with three new flat-track racers joining Graham Viney, Andrew “Bart” Barrett and Peter Hutton.  Qualifying was fought out between Viney and Bart, with Bart’s Fiat 500 bodied Tamiya Mini locking up the TQ position.  Luke Rice was one of our newcomers and grew in pace through the night, while John Scott’s HPI Pro4 had more power than grip, and Richard Green made a fine debut with his HPI.

Bart and Viney fought out the final just as they fought out each of the qualifiers – with very little separating them throughout the run.  Bart was just a little too strong when it counted however, going to the line six seconds clear of Graham – these two streeting the field.  Green’s debut TC race was a good one, with plenty of signs there is pace to come as he grows accustomed to the class, and third was a good reward, just a handful of seconds ahead of Peter Hutton.  John Scott’s final was compromised by a battery that stubbornly refused to remain in place, and tyres that just wouldn’t stop spinning on the click Hadpsen concrete surface.

  1. Andrew Barrett – 18:5.08
  2. Graham Viney – 18:5.14
  3. Richard Green – 16:5.14
  4. Peter Hutton – 16:5.22
  5. John Scott – 12:5.05
  6. Luke Rice – DNS

All in all an enjoyable race meeting tonight.  Rocket continues to demonstrate the value of pace, experience and smooth consistent driving, while Bart and Aaron both took their first wins.  Award for most improved goes to Sam Leeder, enjoying the benefits of 4wd tonight having only had three driving last time out!  Josh Fogarty is another new driver cutting some fast and consistent laps.

Stay tuned for some video footage that’s currently being edited and uploaded. We’ll post it here when its ready.

Next race meeting is Thursday April 8th. It’s during the school holidays in the week after Easter, so a perfect night for racing, specially if you’re a student and can stay out for a late night.  We’ll see you at Rutherglen.

And then there’s this Sunday at Hillwood.  Racing in the dirt!


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5 Responses to Race Report: Thursday March 25th, 2010

  1. Dave says:

    Sorry to here of dramas for a few racers.
    I am happy however to hear of such a great turn out!!!
    Keep it up people.
    This club is really going places.
    Wish I could play my part more often.

    Congrats out to tonight’s winners!!!

  2. Peter Hutton says:

    Despite a diff go wayward in the SC10 had a gr8 night hopefully parts arrive b4 next meeting. good to see more tourers turning up. checking up on a couple of guys in Ulverstone that may be interested in coming over


  3. Matt says:

    Thanks guys for another fun night. Electric Eric the RC8e looks as if it may have suffered a ESC issue, but thanks to Scott G for the lend of the short course truck I still had a great time sliding and bumping around the track, and looking forward to the next meeting. I may have to dust of the RC18T for a run next time but will be there.


  4. Ian Scott says:

    Another great night .Thats scottg and Paddy for running the meeting.slowly getting the losi set up. looking forward to sunday

  5. I had a great night, I think I;ll pend a little time getting my sprint 2 tourer up to scratch to race for a few weeks at the moment. I had a blast on thursday night!

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