So many questions…..answers this thursday!

Round 4 of indoor electric R/C racing at Launceston R/C Raceway kicks off this Thursday 25th March. As usual, doors open from 6, racing starts at 7.  If you’re planning on coming, but won’ t make it by 7, drop me an e-mail or sms with your class, car and frequency (email or 0407783243).

This week there are lots of questions to be answered…..

  • will Josh handle the power of his new 9 turn motor in the Kyosho Lazer? and will he be able to give Paddy’s B44 a run for it’s money?
  • will the rest of the track hose-down be completed….and will we at last be able to put power down at the start of the back straight?
  • how many big banger 8th scale buggies and truggies will show up to lay down the horsepower?
  • will the growth of mini and tourer racing continue?
  • who will be this week’s new faces making a very welcome first appearance at the race track?
  • will anybody defeat Rocket?

To be part of the story, the questions, the answers, come join us at Rutherglen this Thursday night where once more, Launceston R/C goes off.


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7 Responses to So many questions…..answers this thursday!

  1. Greenie says:

    Just 2 more sleeps!!!! WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!
    Just remember Rocket, Rubbing is racing!!! We’re all going to be gunning for Ya’!!!

  2. Ian Scott says:

    Not long to go
    We need to start ganging up on rocket
    good week this week racing thursday and racing sunday bring it on

  3. scottg says:

    don’t be too mean to poor little rocket….we don’t want to scare him away. i am importing a secret weapon to see if it helps me take the challenge up to him in SC…..might be here by this week, or maybe next 😉

  4. scottg says:

    Matt Hodgetts will return with his wild Team Associated RC8-e, packing Tekin horsepower. Who else will line up in the “Big Bangers” 8th scale EP class to take on Matt’s beast?

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  6. Dave says:

    I would love to be part of the ‘Big Bangers’ this week but some people have to work.
    Next fortnight I will be back without fail and looking for a win!!!!
    Have fun guys and gals.

  7. acko82 says:

    Im starting work early tonight so i will be going to Paddy Place to catch up from tonight L8r James

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