New track layout….whaddyareckon?

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5 Responses to New track layout….whaddyareckon?

  1. Paddy says:

    Hell yeah it rocked!! But how nice would a Full Clay offroad track be!! 😀 😀
    Ahhhh we can dream!!!

    • josh fogarty says:

      yea awesome track even though i raced for the first time tonight though…… put deans connectors on may make a hell of a differece.

  2. Peter Hutton says:

    U just want to carve eveybody up with your buggy, we know.
    As for the track one word….AWESOME

    Cant wait to get back on it…well maybe if i get a new motor…LOL

    till next time cheers guys for a gr8 night AGAIN


  3. Ian Scott says:

    Great track guys. We need to find somewhere to run the nitro buggys/trucks

  4. acko82 says:

    Ive only seen the track on the 11/3/10 race meeting: I liked it it had two twisting section, a long straight and the on/off road sections but i did like the carpet off road section action packed section that i noticed when i was there!

    L8r James

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