Racing this Thursday, 11th March

R/C racing is on again this week. Launceston R/C Raceway fires up Thursday night 11th of March for some more intense indoor action. Rutherglen Holiday Resort just outside Hadspen,  in the sports arena behind the pub. Doors open 6pm, racing from 7.

I’m hearing rumours of new buggies, new trucks, and even a new touring car or two….so we should be up for another fun night.

Even if you’ve never raced before, come on out and have a race with us…we’ll put you in just the right class so you can learn the tricks of the R/C racing game.

If you’re a regular, thinking about breaking out that spare car and inviting a friend along.

Note to the regulars, you’ll recall we pulled the track up at the conclusion of last meet so the surface could be cleaned. We’ll need a few extra hands on deck from about 5.30 to put it all back together again, so if you can make it a little early, your muscles will be appreciated.



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7 Responses to Racing this Thursday, 11th March

  1. Paddy says:

    There with Bells on mate!! Can’t wait! I’ll be bringing a couple of fresh faces to the racing scene also!! 😀
    Interesting to see the grip levels with my bald tyres now they’ve cleaned it! 😉

  2. Greenie says:

    We’ll try to be ther early boss.
    can’t wait!!!
    Yeah paddy, higher grip levels are going to make it hard to get the SC’s sideways!!!

  3. Phoenix says:

    BNlast, and I can’t come this week. Always the way. Hopefully she will be bigger agan in 2 weeks time.

  4. scottg says:

    hmmm, what to race. dad has claimed the SC10, so it will have to be something else.

  5. Greenie says:

    i might have a chance to keep up this week. postie brought me a little gift today!!!!!!! bring on tonight!!!!

  6. Ian Scott says:

    gee greenie the postie must have been busy.My blitz will have a new setup in it tonight also.Theres only one diffference you can race.BRING THE MAYHEAM ON.

  7. Greenie says:

    can’t wait!!!
    off on my last delivery run for the day, then home to set the Blitz up for to night!!!
    see Ya’ll there!!!!!

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