Short Course Racing in Launnie!

Here’s the A final from this Sunday’s short course truck race meet at Paddy’s Hillwood track.  Awesome!  SC trucks will be on track at Rutherglen on the second and fourth thursday night of each month…starting February 11th.


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13 Responses to Short Course Racing in Launnie!

  1. Paddy says:

    What a great day! Great company, excellent racing… What more could you want!

  2. Scott Kopriva says:

    Hello Paddy can you take Nitros to Hillwood track or only electrics thanks Scott.

  3. Paddy says:

    Got no problems with nitro running Scott. Just not sure where to fit them in as yet!!
    Are you talking 8th Buggy??

  4. Scott Kopriva says:

    Hello Paddy yes i have some 1/8 scales buggys.But i will get short course soon come out to your track have got buggy for Thursday night electric of course Team Associated just got to learn to drive again been awhile two years so

  5. Paddy says:

    Bring the B44 out to Hillwood mate!! She would love it! 😉
    Next meet 28th March…

  6. acko82 says:

    What time does it start? if i do get one in time! Later James

  7. scottg says:

    Rutherglen indoors is 2nd and 4th Thursday night, with doors opening at 6 for practice and nominations. Racing starts at 7pm.

    Last Sunday of each month outdor racing at Paddy’s Hillwood track – times vary a little, but I think they kick off around 10am. Watch this site for announcement of details about 28 March Hillwood gathering.

  8. Paddy says:

    Yeah James, about 10am we kick off.
    Any ideas what you are getting yet?? 🙂

  9. acko82 says:

    Im getting a new Traxxas Slash with the 2.4Ghz Controller 1/10th Short Course Truck just to get me going and see if i do like racing in a different fashion then i might get into the serious side of Remote Controll Racing down the track also i might head down for a look too Paddy! L8R

  10. Paddy says:

    2wd or 4wd mate? Good place to start, just look at Rocket!! 😉

  11. acko82 says:

    ^^^^2wd Paddy! I was planning to get a Craig Lowndes Touring Car in the mean time but im not now; i went to tiger models and hobbies yesterday too see if i can run both cars off one controller, theres a new Lowndes touring car coming out next month and they also offered me to buy an Rocket (Basic 4wd 1/10th Scale) Buggy and it had the old spec controller, once i got my Traxxas i have to buy an Traxxas reciever and i told them i will go home and think about it and i have decided that im going to wait until i get my new Traxxas then i’ll see how both of us go then i might get into the serious side of it once i get more confident with your different car racing! L8r and off to bed! James

  12. acko82 says:

    Im working sunday morning now, if i wake up in time i might still go down just to see where it is so i dont get lost! L8R James

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